FARCRY 3 fan s must see FARC 6 DLC first bullet Bath s madness is the Bath background revealed Rogue Like FPS

I am a person who has been nailed to the FAC RI RE series, but the opportunity was FA Cry 3. The young people who came to the Vacation on the island of the southern country were trapped by the pirates, and the main character Jason Lodi that tries to cut out the place of the essay by the real brother s opportunity, the brother dies when the brother gets off It is crazy by the confronting of the Villain Bath Montenegro that caught Jason, or by mass killing through the work.

Social Pass Bath, who supports the story line, says.

Do you know the definition of abnormalities?.

I believe in the same thing again and again, believe in changes. I thought it was taught from the defined of abnormalities and killed it. But it was different, different. Even if you look at it, there are also many Ah moths, there are no sexual punishment and repeat the same thing again and again, again and again, this time……… What! I m sorry! I killed, it s not funny. It s not funny. Do you know. I left. In addition, this definition of abnormality is supposed to be created by Einstein, but the Novel Sudden Death in 1983 may be first expected by misunderstanding, but it seems to be backed more.

Villain, Bath, a playable character in this DLC, and the Baths are being trapped in their own spiritual world. Among them, the voice of Ciara, his sister, I want you to recognize. If you want to get out of your spirit, collect three pieces of knife and make a proof as a warrior, Bath will move to that street. At the same time, we will appear in enemies and hallucinations, such as the main character Jason of Far Cry 3. The knife is a weapon that symbolizes Marsala 3, he is caught by Ciara and Jason.

Dive into a madness spirit world!

It is the previous setting, but the difficulty level of Mind level is 5 stages, and you can only select 1 at first, but if you clear it once, you will be able to challenge other difficulty levels. The difference in difficulty is a wide range of cached, enemies, and time zones starting.

The place where the stage is the stage in Far Cry 3 is a place that imitates Luke Island, which is not so wide as a whole. This work is tied up with free fast Travel, and only the non-doors such as Memory Link is a point where the Fast Travelable. The map is also masked even though the map should also be seen all the location.

Survive while losing as Log Like FPS!

This DLC is the biggest feature that dies and non-tailored inventory items are lost. The strengthening of the permanent will be able to use the Cache that you can leave the box or defeat the enemy to purchase a persistent bonus and weapon upgrade.

In addition, there is a passive buff called power that will be lost when you died, and moving speed goes up and sliding and sliding speed increase will be changed. Power is sold without getting it and the cache is replaced, and the power equipment frame can not be increased unless it is cached.

This work is designed with very high importance of cache. The cache can be obtained even if you beat the enemy, and you can earn a box, and anyway, even if you see the enemy s signs in the minim op to get a cache, you will be able to develop a slaughter show if you have a slaughter show is.

In addition, although the progress of the mission is not progressing, the currency and weapons are maintained Safe House and you can finish the game safely and Far Cry 3 of Far Cry 3 There is no doubt that the arrangement songs of the soundtrack of the soundtrack of the soundtrack, which are the ending songs, which may be the final song.

Activities Rich Gameplay

The main gameplay runs around the field that is the island anyway. Moving and defeating enemies while searching and achieving completion goals of Memory Memory Ciara is collecting three knives while doing various activities. For this purpose, you have to go through the high difficulty event battle.

In addition, the activity called trial is a luxurious challenge, but a tough challenge. It can be said that it is necessary to strengthen the play skills and capabilities because it is attacked by a large amount of enemies. However, if you can clear it, you will get a power Still Standing that is a luxurious compensation. This is a powerful power that makes death only once.

It is an unlock of important weapons, but if you interact with gold boxes dotted in various places, Weapons challenge starts. It is a content that has an enemy s assault with a hand holding weapon, and it is purely tested as a shirt with the back of the recovery. There is such a fun, aiming to detect and shoot with the location of the place where you can hide and enemies. The weapon obtained is in the initial position weapon case permanently and can be paid and holding the cache.

And as a big point of this DLC, there is an activity gaping that knows the backstory of the Bath. The number is two types, Verifying the hotel room can know the past Bath, and the other thing is the nostalgic name that appeared in FAR CRY 3 called Doctor AN Hart Also appeared and the connection with him will be revealed.

Play feel is fun even if the degree of difficulty

This DLC is designed as Log Like, but it will be reset to death, but you can not get bored because you can hear Jason, Ciara s hallucination, and Bath s sole while walking. Bath s sole is also emitted during battle, so it also gives me fun.

This DLC is a very combat driven Far Cry 6, and the impression that deals well with a good point of FAIRY 6 is a weapon choice and that sense also shines. Anyway, there are many opportunities to use hand guns (is a fan of fans), and it is finished as Handgun lovers gather!. However, when challenging high difficulty activities, an unlock of assault rifle may be required, and the rifle is actually strong. At the same time, it will be reconfirmed that it is a headshot ballistic series because it is almost a blow if there is little damage to the body shot and a headshot.

Far Cry 3 The Bath (in the Jason s Mental World) Accept me as a Savior, which is a Savior! I can also hear the line answer of the line of rebirth to the cross! The fans are absolutely what they should do. That s why I m crazy about the series by FA Cry 3, so I recommend my nose. If you play Far Cherry 3 in the English version, you can hear the original voice actor even if you have an English voice.

Because he is moving to the inner surface of the Bath, the person who has been putting on him for him, he took me more or wakes, or it woes or wakes. However, because it is a great deal of scenes that can be played and scaled a lot of fun, the fans are absolutely what they should play, and it is a DLC with more than OTO. Rice field. The player who wants to step on his madness is Mast obi! East · ENJOY · · · · · · ·

The editorial department also publishes a review of Far Cry 6 main story.

Title : Far Cry 6 DLC First Row Madness of Bath
Compatible model : PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One
Play model in articles : PC
DLC Release Day : November 16, 202 (Tuesday)
Play time in this article : 8 hours
Price : 5,280 yen (all three LCS included, no single item sale)

~~ ¥9,240 ~ → ¥7,391