WoW Patch 9 2 finally brings the dance studio

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In the course of the past WOW patch 9.1.5 the players were fulfilled various wishes, which had accumulated over time. These related to all of Quality-of-Life things in Shadow lands. Some other wishes were largely ignored. One of these wishes, who has already developed to the meme during many years, is the eternal question about the dance studio, which was already announced before the release of Wrath of the Rich King, but it never did in the game… until now!

At some point, the developers even made fun of the missing dance studio himself. Source: dance studio because in the developer video to patch 9.2 the developers show that the dark moon year market is expanded in the coming update around an attraction — a new dance mini-game. But that s probably not own dances design, as it was announced for the actual dance studio. Rather, it looks like a kind of dance battle, in which you have the opponent s opponent with your cool moves and pulls the audience on your site.

Patch 9.2 Could Be Coming To PTR Sooner Than We Think! - WoW: Shadowlands 9.1.5

Of course, this is not quite what the players expected or have hoped, but better than nothing. However, if the implementation fails like this as with the great Stytecheck, then the memes will probably be malignant over the dance studio from funny and embittered. But to see the feature live and in action, we have to wait a little. So far, the developers have not yet revealed much about the new mini-game.

Source: Blizzard Source: Blizzard

How sad Are you that the dance studio has developed into a mini-game and does not appear in the originally designed version? Or may you even find a dance battle even better than creating your own dances for your heroes?

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