Elex 2 Trailer to the Collector s Edition

This tells the Publisher to the Collector s Edition of ALEX 2, which as the standard issue should appear in a few months and will cost around 150 euros. A listing at Amazon is still from:

Alex II, the Science Fantasy Role play by Piranha Bytes, will be released on 01 March 2022 for PC and consoles. In addition to the standard edition, there is also a special Collector s Edition with the following content:

An approx. 23 centimeters high Alb figure
The official soundtrack to the game on CD

ELEX II - Collector's Edition Trailer
The official Artwork
A 5 centimeter of large keychains in the form of a cleric amulets
A steel book
A concept album of Bjorn Panorama named Cassandra on CD
and, of course, the game itself

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The ALEX II Collector s Edition is offered for an EIA of €149.99. ALEX II will be released on 01 March 2022 for PC, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One ™ and the Xbox Series S / X ™.

Catalan needs a hero: The factions are about to lead to each other at war and still lurk terrible monsters everywhere in the world. In addition, a mysterious new threat has surfaced that wants to change the face of the planet forever — and the survival of humanity does not matter in these plans. So it will be time that the former Alb commander TAX again laces the fight boots and comes in a few ounces…. to save people.

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