American Hero Jack on the hunt for the malignant virologen

American Hero is an unreleased adult-oriented interactive film video game that was in development by Inter-Active Productions and prepared to be published by Atari Corporation for the Atari Jaguar CD and Computer. It was one of the prepared titles that would have used the Gamely, a then-newly created in-house interactive film style developed by former Atari Corp. staff member David Schwartz throughout his time at the business that was initially used in Caves of Anxiety, which functioned as innovation demo of the style. In addition to being generated and also developed by Schwartz, American Hero starred a number of Hollywood stars such as Timothy Bottoms, Gustav Vistas, Daniel Roebuck and also Musette Wander.
In the video game, players take the duty of previous military intelligence operative Jack Devon, charged by his ex-partner Hoover with locating a missing biologist (and former crush), Laura, that developed a remedy to a lethal infection created by biowar specialist Karl On Kruger. Kruger had actually currently begun spreading the virus with Los Angeles water supply network in order to take control of the United States, and Jack was designated to quit Kruger prior to his chemical tool took care of to be spread nationwide.
Regardless of the film being finished, American Hero was never ever turned right into a full-fledge Gamely as well as due to the industrial failure of the Atari Jaguar platform, the task was terminated and also left unreleased consequently. A year later on, supervisor Jeff Burr shot brand-new footage in order to remake the project into a more straight movie variation, however the downsides were damaged throughout the cutting process and also was regarded to be a loss, leaving the planned function movie variation unreleased as well. In recent years, usable prototype constructs for both the Jaguar CD and PC, in addition to the source code of American Hero, have actually since been released and also offered on the internet by independent teams such as B&C Computer visions as well as the obsolete Jaguar Sector II website, to name a few. It has also been showcased throughout follower festivals dedicated to the system such as Safest UK. A main computer variation recovered and also remastered featuring a recently videotaped voice over by Timothy Bottoms will be launched electronically in November 2021 on GOG.com, developed by Empty Clip Studios as well as published by Ziggurat Interactive.

Ziggurat Interactive, Publisher and developer of retro and modern titles, has released American Hero, an action-packed FMV title, for PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC (exclusively over Gog), an Atari VCS version will follow shortly.

The game, an allusion to the action movies of the 80s, was originally developed for the Atari Jaguar CD, but never completed — until now! In their desire to bring classic retro titles on modern platforms, Ziggurat Interactive has secured the rights to American Hero and completed this lost gem together with the developer Empty Clip Studios.

American Hero is a real product of his era and is passing only with shabby Spells, brainwashed handlers, a mad villain and the Timothy Bottom nominated for the Golden Globe Award (which contributed new voice recordings).

American Hero was written in the 1990s and is a satire on the exaggerated action films of the 80s, which is even aged to a cartoon of the 90s cinema. In this playable movie, professional actors play with, including Timothy Bottoms (The Last Picture Show, Elephant), Daniel Roebuck (The Fugitive, Final Destination) and Musette Wander (O Brother, Whore Art Thou, Wild Wild West).

It was an incredible journey to get this unique and ambitious FMV project, improve and complete, says Michael Devine, SVP of Business Development. This was our greatest challenge in the restoration, and that we can publish American Hero today is an example of the ethos that drives us to preserve our game history.

'The Greatest American Hero' Intro Song 'Believe It or Not'
In American Hero, the players hatch in the role of the former American intelligence officer Jack, who has to stop the malignant virology Krueger, who plans to let go of an ominous virus on the water supply of Los Angeles. Players must make spontaneous decisions that help or hinder Jack while trying to find and protect the only scientist who has the remedy for this deadly pathogen.

American Hero Features:

A fully realized screenplay on Hollywood level with player-controlled action and dialogue decisions
A gloomy, adult action history with violence and sex appeal
A unique, virtually seamless FMV format that feels like a movie
The return of Hollywood actor Timothy Bottoms as Jack with newly accepted voice output

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