The overflowing creativity of Chuchel will come to Nintendo Switch in 2022

Journey Time (call adventure time in Spanish America, journey time in Spain) is a vibrant TV series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The collection complies with the experiences of Finn, a youngster (is growing with the series from 12 at the starting to the 17th today), and also Jake, a pet dog with magic powers with which he can change shape, grow and also diminish at will, that live in the post-apocalyptic Planet of TOO. Throughout the series they engage with the other primary characters in the series: Princess Bubblegum, Ice King and also Marcelino the Queen of Vampires.
The series featured 10 periods as well as 3 television miniseries, Animation Network introduced a season 11 in comic version, releasing the initial chapter in October 2018; On top of that, the premiere of a unique four-hour special chapter named Experience was validated Time: Far-off Lands; This unique will be released in May 2020 at first in the United States and later on worldwide solely via the brand-new Streaming HBO MAX service.

It is always a good time to vindicate Manila Design. The Czech study is one of those that enrich the video game industry, with very original proposals and generally bet by humor as the main claim. They are perpetrators of titles as excellent as Machination, and even recently they threw a new game by surprise.

CHUCHEL and PIKUNIKU | The Chase | Episode 1 | ZigZag
One of the best premiere they have had in recent years is that of Churches. The friendly game premiered on PC and mobile devices in 2018, and now it has been confirmed that it will arrive at Nintendo Switch in 2022. Of course, we do not have any specific or approximate date, something we will know with the passage of months.

Churches caught me with his graphic style, his great humor and some unusual puzzles Dominik Czarina Manila has announced a collaboration with redder.games to be able to take the title to the hybrid console of the Japanese brand. Churches caught me with his original graphic style, his great humor and some unusual puzzles, I m glad we can use our experience by carrying games to Nintendo Switch to develop a new version of this classic, said Dominik Czarina, Creative Director of Redder.

Waiting to know its release date, we can ensure that it is one of those opportunities that you can not miss. We talk about a graphic adventure with an unmistakable artistic style and an overflowing creativity in their ideas and mechanics. In our analysis of Churches, Alberto Pastor highlighted the Special Charm surrounding the game, as well as its great sense of humor and the ingenious design of some of its puzzle.