National team Brisante vaccine debate

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Actually, it should go for the German football national team in Wolfsburg around Liechtenstein. And around Joachim Löw, who is officially adopted by the DFB. But before the last home game of the year, it is all about one: in vaccination.

You can do it short: Liechtenstein comes to Wolfsburg in the World Cup qualifier. There the football dwarf meets in Germany. In the first leg, the team from the principality against the DFB team looked pretty good under new director.

She defended passionately and lost only with 0: 2. That was a small sensation. There were quite fears in the enlarged environment that Liechtenstein could be smashed by Germany in the first match after Joachim Löw. A double-digit defeat, it was not excluded.

Well, the exemption of the DFB team was not so powerful in the first game under Hans Flick. The ecstatic salvation followed only in the second game. Against Armenia. In the case of crashing 6: 0 against the film leaders. That the Liechtensteiner dream of a much bigger sensation on this Thursday? Nice, but neglect. So it will not come. For this, the differences in quality are too big. Even without the large personnel problems, which could rinse approximately the post-nominated Wolfs burger striker Lukas Mecca into the starting eleven.

The matter with quality is likely to prevail largely. This is far away in the vaccine debate. Mile value even. The topic Picks against Corona torments the country. And thus the national team. Because that has at least a well-known skeptic against the vaccine in the squad. Joshua Gimmick, the man who wants to carry the team in the next few years (possibly as captain) and shape.

Vaccines for Children?
Clear announcement from Hans Flick

As soon as the topic was a little abbey, the next massive wave towered on Tuesday. National player Niklas Sure was positively tested on the coronavirus, the 26-year-old is twice-vaccinated and probably so far without symptoms. Quarantine was arranged for him. For four other players as contact persons as well. For the Bavarian professionals Gimmick, Jamal Musial and Serge Gnabry and the Salzburg Karim Adam.

Whether these players are all unmoved is unclear. Because of the applicable quarantine rules, the probability is great that all have waived so far on the Picks. The DFB defends all concrete statements on this topic.

In general, you do not want to be particularly concrete at the DFB on this topic. As sovereign, the team has developed in recent months, so uncertain are all involved when it comes to dealing with the urgent future questions about Corona.

Is the vaccine status in the future a nomination criterion? National coach Hans Flick pushes this question. Currently, it only goes to the athletic thing that is negligible. Germany is already qualified for the tournament.

A brief insight, how much this thing is annoyed, but still gives flick before the last home game of the year in Wolfsburg: I wish the players are vaccinated, but that s their cause. I would like a coach that it would like it That no longer exists that you have to send five players home. He himself sees the vaccine as the only way out of the pandemic.

It is the big crux of this fourth wave. As much as one longs for normality, so much one enjoyed the felt normality of recent months, so much one is now obtained from the violently urgent problems. Even over Shutdowns will be discussed again. Over 2G — vaccinated and recovered — and even about 1G — vaccinated or nothing. This type of thought for players, coaches and staff has thrown into the round of St. Pauli s President One Divine. It would be de facto a vaccination.

That says Thomas Müller to the vaccine debate

Thomas Müller, who appeared in front of the Liechtenstein duel to the media round, and was asked for his opinion, also seeks a torment of an answer that can not be misaligned him. Neither from the camp of the vaccinated nor the bearing of the uncovered. At the latest now is clear: There is hardly any football.

Which rules are set up, which is not responsible for us players, said the offensive player of FC Bayern. That is a political decision. He does not know so well, did not know exactly who specifies that.

It was difficult and therefore discuss the whole country. It gives up different views. We all try to deal with this situation. There are always issues. But it is like this: Currently, however, I can only work with what the rules give. In football, only the goalkeeper in the sixteen can use the hand, because that was set so much. I m not the one who is the whole Explaining world how it should work. Well, he s right.

However, Müller seemed in his answers as if he does not hold much of the vaccination rejection of his colleagues. IMF topic annoys and stress The topic annoys, stress. Because it is the topic that overlaid everything that the company works and splits. The fact that Joachim Löw is officially adopted from DFB before the kick-off, with a trellis and an emotional film, which is almost someone. After all, Müller and Flick look forward to seeing their ex-boss. Both know: Without Löw, her life would be different. All together have won the World Cup title. That alone characterizes. It sounds like a story from a different time. And she was too. A time without corona. A time without torture and overwhelming debates around a small, decisive PICK. Tobias Norman © n-TV