Tencent Aurora Studio Gesta 2021 Detail Program

[Data provided: Tencent Aurora Studios]

\ — Composed of a total of 40 booths in the B2C exhibition hall, the demonstration and stage, and booth positioning space

\ — At the stage event, Lang ta SUA, honor, OK, OK,

\ — Stamp Mission Event, Events of Chaos, West Quality Quiz Show, etc.

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\ — Disporting the online relay Vesta TV for users who can not find the scene

Tencent Games Sale Developer Aurora Studios said today (9 days) today (9 days), which released the GTA exhibition hall of the MMORPG newly developed MMORPG new .

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The International Game Exhibition Vesta 2021 is a total of 40 booths, and a total of 40 booths, consisting of demonstration and stage and booth positioning space that can play the game directly.

On the 17th, the opening of the event is on the 17th, the Showcase of the Wang Neil M> is online through the Vesta TV, and a variety of on-site stage events and online relays from day 18 to 21.

First, the booth is on the game demonstration and the pre-reservation zone is operated, and a photozone that can make commemorative photography with the Costume Player is installed.

In addition, we plan to participate in the stage event, and the game, participate in the stage event by carrying out the famous influenza and the Width of William M> PVP match for a particular time zone.

In addition, Moonlight Fashion Show, which is introduced by Costume Players in which the actual game and the synchronization is highly produced.

Together with 1 to 1, PVP Winning Event, Challenge! Customizing, a variety of participation events such as Custer Mirroring, Coal Tranquil Show, Stamp Mission and SNS Sharing Events.

If you participate in the field event, we will present a variety of prizes, such as Annie Wall, Limited Gaming, Gaming Mouse, Keyboard, Mouse Pad, and Google Play Gift Card.

In addition, I also have an online broadcast to let users of users who can not find the scene. The viewer is a TV official broadcasting on the 17th, from 4 pm on the 17th, Streamed, Thar an and Change SUA We can meet online events of various , such as Biotite M>.

The official said, This event is the first time in the Korean fans, as the first time in the Korean fans, the first time, said, I asked for a lot of interest and participation.

The more detailed schedule of the Gustav 2021 Booth can be confirmed by the attached image.