Bundesliga F rth sports director Rachid Azzouzi criticizes FC Bayern and BVB for dealing with talents

Fürth s sports director Rashid Azzouzi has criticized FC Bayern and BVB for their dealings with hopeful talents.

Bavaria and Dortmund can have so much money as they want. That s what is good for me. But if you give more money to a 14-year-old than we do our best players in the 2nd league, then what makes you training and the player who may lose and believe the motivation relatively early and believes he s a lot going on, he said to the kicker.

The problem is that the talents would often not recognize that they were only promise to the future, Azzouzi led: The players often do not understand, and it s hard. There are not a lot of things that happen. This loses that German football hopeful talents because they earn too much too early.

According to Azzouzi, players could nowadays not develop healthy over several levels. For example, from Fürth to Mainz and then to Bavaria. Now he is bothered at a young age with a high basic salary of a top club, he said.

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Often, for failed talents then follows the way to the 2nd league where they should play for half of the salary. According to Azzouzi, according to the personality of young players, often difficult: Of course this is a problem, for personality development even often a disaster. And the small club will be withdrawn the opportunity to create transfer values ​​to develop substance.

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