FIFA 22 could lose one of his best iconic players

According to reports of an Argentine side, football simulation FIFA 22 could lose the rights to present Diego Maradona in the game. The Argentine star player is present in FIFA 22 as an icon — but the legal situation has shifted.

Which card is it?

In FIFA 22, the controversy, former football star Diego Maradona (1960-2020) is an icon. With such icon cards, EA honors the best footballers of all time.
The iconic map of Maradona is available in 3 variants, it shows him in different stages of his career. The cards have values ​​of 91, 95 and 97. It is one of the best players in FIFA 22 ever. For comparison: Other Matthews comes only to 90, for Schweinsteiger is at 91 conclusion.
But now the question arises: may EA show Maradona at all?

Difficult legal situation around Maradona

What is the problem? The Argentine side Info base explains the difficult legal situation. An Argentine court has granted the rights to the picture of Diego Maradona now the company of the lawyer Matías Morley.

EA, however, has apparently agreed with the former manager and long-standing friend of Maradona, Stefano Cecil, that Maradona can be in FIFA. However, its rights have expired on 1 February 2021, at least comes the Argentine court to this judgment.

That is: EA has agreed with someone who does not keep the rights to decide if Maradona can emerge in FIFA.

According to Info base, it is said in the judgment of the court, one has taken precautions here, so that copyrights are not violated, but does not want to make a final decision yet.

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In any case, EA is prompted to stop immediately using the brands in question.

In Argentina, there is currently a lawsuit about the heritage of Maradona : The daughters of Maradona have filed a lawsuit. Maradona died in a heart attack in November 2020.

At the moment Maradona is still available in FIFA 21 and 22. But that could change. At the moment it is not yet known how EA reacts to the situation.

EA could soon have much more problems with the rights to players when this continues:

Is for EA soon conclusion with FIFA? More and more details speak for it

The cover picture comes from a YouTube video. It is Maradona in FIFA 2020.