The Stuttgart foundation stones disassemble the SV Linx

Stuttgarter Kickers 90 in 1
Already early the Stuttgart foundation stones put the foundation stone for a safe victory and goal riches Wednesday evening at the home game against the SV Linx. Dicklhuber (4th) after a flat corner ball variant and chamber builders (9th), which is a rebound Volley under the crossbar Drosch, already after a few pointer turns before over 2,000 spectators presented the display panel to 2: 0. The households also stayed on the pusher, despite good opportunities, the Ünal-eleven missed until the break but the preliminary decision.

The picture remained unchanged even after the second change. The Stuttgart continues to dominate the gameplay and now exploited its possibilities better. Baroudi (54.) Increased after traveling baller convert to 3: 0. A short fifteen minutes later tunneled Hoxha, who had now licked blood, Guest Keeper Süms from a short distance to the 4: 0. In 83 minutes, Hoxha met after professionals for the second time and in the final minute he took advantage of a post-shot for his third goal to 7: 0 final score. Obernosterer, who returned after injury break and replaced, also entered the scorer list. He scored the meantime 5: 0.

With the edge victory, the Stuttgart foundation stones table leaders SGV Freiberg are now very close to the heels. Two points separate the two top teams only from each other. On the other hand, the SV Linx continues to face hard weeks in the relegation battle.