COD VANGUARD A secret innovation makes aggressive gameplay scary heavily

Prior to the release vonCoD Vanguard on November 5, Sledgehammer Games has been listed in a blog numerous changes since the beta. Now this list was secretly added another new feature that shows players can more easily still and be quiet.

After the Vanguard beta had aroused mixed feelings in the community, developer Sledgehammer Games has responded. In an extensive blog entry MeinMMO summarized, they have introduced a variety of changes to the release. One thing was clear: Almost all adjustments help aggressive players.

Now, without any big announcements, this blog post (via Sledgehammer Games) was unremarkable extended by a further point. This change could propose to release big waves at the latest.

field equipment works like two strong Perks

What is it dead silence, a field equipment from Modern Warfare and Warzone is in CoD: Vanguard available again. Now she is so strong as ever.

Dead silence as the Perk Ninja makes the movements of players quieter. But unlike Ninja is not a dead silence perk and therefore not always on.

Having already announced that the Perk Ninja returns have already thought of some players: Why should I choose dead silence now? So why not choose the same ninja and take another field equipment?

The solution to the developers: Vanguard now has not only dead silence and Ninja in the selection, dead silence was extended by the function of the perks mind. Dead silence now works so same as Ninja and mind, two of the traditionally strongest and most important perks in CoD.

Higher Loadout flexibility

Why this is important, suggests as the late and unobtrusive addition in the blog of Sledgehammer Games, a glance at the professional scene. Because: For many CoD veterans is only good one Call of Duty game when Ninja or dead silence there and are good.

Now both are there, even as a perk and once as field equipment. Not only that: dead silence is better than ever. Thus, the loadouts are much more flexible and Perk balance balanced.

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This innovation is the meta change: Because mind and Ninja are blue Perks, you thought: players must decide whether they want to be permanently quieter want to go undetected with ninja, or spirit on the mini map.

With the changes for dead silence get players now say both the effect of mind as well as ninja. But only for a limited time.

What does this mean? dead silence is a field equipment, so the skills are limited in time and have a cooldown. In this limited time but it has the effects of two of the strongest Perks at once, both are blue.

You can therefore equip another blue perk. Effectively you have then, for the limited time of the field upgrade, the effect of 5 Perks:

Your Blue Perk
Your red Perk
Your yellow Perk

In addition, dead silence could continue to enlarge your movement speed and your field-of-view, as currently in Warzone and CoD MW

Aggressive playing style is strengthened, weakened Camper

This is particularly exciting because blue Perks are probably the most perks in the game. Spirit Ninja and Bulletproof Vest were among the most important Perks in Black Ops Cold War for almost all loadouts. In Vanguard, the equivalent Perks are now all blue:

Strong Perks are more relevant now: Because you can do without Ninja or spirit, strong other perks are much more attractive in animal first The Perk Reinforced reduces damage by explosives and helps in the regeneration, survival training, however, makes you immune to gas and gives you more resistance to stun.

The newly announced Perk Dauntless could also end up in animal first With the perk you do not lose speed when you will shot.

What s the impact? All these perks make aggressive, so-called Run & Gun gameplay easier. At the same time there are campers have serious because they are less able to rely on sound of footsteps and the mini-map.

Aggressive players can now therefore create even more aggressive loadouts, which take it or either less damage from explosions better withstand gas and stun effects.

In addition, they can now use dead silence in order to flank opponents quickly and unnoticed, or are easier to save for a Multikill to a new position.

A lot of fans are excited

Online show many players very happy about this change. In particular, the increased flexibility in Loadouts is acclaimed.

In the Reddit post to this discovery (via Reddit), the users are enthusiastic about the new possibilities:

Hoonigan says: This definitely allows a pleasant additional flexibility in class setups. Fukaro writes: In my opinion, the best compromise is. You can take Ninja if you want to go around quietly, or you can use duck / goals / dead styles if you want to use another advantage. Kemmons writes: That s very good for search & destroying. I can use Ninja and store dead styles, for the rounds in which the opponents call a spy aircraft. What do you say? Do you find, that s a good solution for the loadout variety and Perk Balance? Or do you think it makes aggressiveness too strong? Let s know us in the comments. All other information about the Preload and the download size of COD Vanguard before released can be found on Meinmmo.