World was z From today the zombies storm on switch

After the zombies from World was z (from 19.89 € at buy) already more than a half years ago the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox ONE have made uncertain and there in September with the extension aftermath for attention From today, switchers may also take the flight from the hundreds of undetaway.

Like developers Saber Interactive and Publisher Koch Media, World was now available in both physical trading as well as in digital versions in the Nintendo eShop.

These are the features of the shooter action that can be played with up to four players cooperatively:

World War Z Nintendo Switch Reveal & Pre-Order
Fight against the zombie hordes – the Swarm Engine renders hundreds of zombies in action-rich firefights
Story-driven co-op campaigns – a survival vapor, where different groups of people tell their stories of holding, in places around the world
Fight against other players – numerous intensive players vs. players vs. Zombies game modes are available in addition to the co-op campaigns

More Power – unlocking powerful weapons upgrades and level 6 characters makes players master the biggest challenges

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