Resident Evil 3 Remake appointed a success by Capcom

It seems that as Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil: Village, the Resident Evil 3 remake does not take too bad for himself. While being only available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One (and while waiting for the official announcement that will be seen on Nintendo Switch), Resident Evil 3 has been very well managed, although it is A short game. The numbers show that Resident Evil 3 sold more than 3.9 copies of the game, including digital. It makes a lot of people shooting on zombies.

Clock Tower Exploration [Out of Bounds Exploration] - Resident Evil 3 Remake
What is a pleasant surprise is that these numbers, although they do not appear in the top ten for most units sold this year for Capcom, mean that Resident Evil 3 remake has sold more than The original, which in 1999 sold 3.5 million copies. This does not seem much as long as we do not take into account that for the original, it was global sales. And for the remake, it has only been released for just over a year, being released on April 3, 2020. And, too, some sources say that the game has sold up to 4.5 million, as The number of 3.9 million. dates back to March 31 of this year. There could even be a peak of people buying a copy for the scary weekend to come, or if it is on sale. Anyway, Capcom is satisfied with the success of Resident Evil 3, enough to call it a success and assign it to its digital sales strategy. This seems to be true for most of its resident games Evil lately, including Resident Evil: Village and the Monster Hunter series too.

It may be in part why we will see Remokes Resident Evil Games in the future, in particular Resident Evil 4. Capcom seems to have been very well managed in recent years in the arena of horror games, and with him, comes a goal. The CEO Kenkichi Nomura said in a letter that he would like Capcom reaches 100 million game units sold in total per year. This could be possible if Capcom continues to offer us games that we know and love.

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