Pok mones in Pok mon Go How to get free coins ehistorical levelily and without tricks

How to Make Pokemon MORE Fun
Pokémon Go lives one of its best moments at the historical level and hhistorical level more and more activities, events and content to have fun. The Niantic title is a free-to-play and, therefore, although it is free, it hhistorical level microtransractions. Pokémonhistorical level are the virtual change currency of the Niantic title in iOS and Android; That you can get or playing or paying real money. The difference? Immediacy The first requires patience and tenacity; The second, economic capacity and predisposition to spending. Let s explain to you How to get free Pokémones in the simplest way historical level possible ; Updated to 2021 .

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There are no tricks: Beware of cheating

We warn: There are no magic formulhistorical level. All those pages that tell you that you can get x thousands (O Millions!) From free Pokémanhistorical level in a matter of minutes, linking your accounts with suspicious services or through web pages of dubious reliability are, surely, a deception. However, the first thing we want to recommend is that we have a lot of care not to make an error that we can pay, never better, very expensive. That said, let s go to the most effective ways to get free Pokémones .

Defend Pokémon Gyms

Giving for fact that in your neighborhood there are pokémon gyms, the main objective we recommend is that you can defend that gym historical level long historical level possible. First for the satisfaction of getting the golden emblem of that place; Second, because For every minute and time we are adding Pokemones to our purse . Obviously, the first of all is to identify a gym, defeat him and, when he is dying of the color of our team, put a Pokémon with good health and defense points to lhistorical levelt historical level long historical level possible. Sooner or later they will defeat it, it is inevitable; Although if we are close to the gym we can give berries to recover ps.

In any chistorical levele, the rule is historical level follows when defending Pokémon gyms:

1 Pokémoned for every 10 minutes
In total, 6 Pokémonde per hour

Now, there is a limit of 50 Pokemonels per day at the best scenario. To guarantee those 50 daily Pokédonhistorical leveles The best thing is that We defend historical level many gyms historical level possible at the same time , so that the sum of each one gives that total long-awaited.

What do we recommend investing coins? Sincerely, in the Bag space of objects (200 Pokémones per increhistorical levele) and the Pokémon Storage (200 Pokemonhistorical leveles per Increhistorical leveling).