Tomb Raider or Control among the nine free games for Prime Gaming Subscribers in November

Metroid II: Return of Samus (or simply Metroid II) is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Nintendo on the Portable Game Boy Console from November 1991 in the United States, then in 1992 in Japan and Europe. Second set of the Metroid series, it is chronologically before Super Metroid. Samus Aran, the protagonist, must go to the planet of origin of the metroids, an unknown and dangerous form of life, in order to eradicate them.
The development of the game is carried out by Nintendo R & D1 division of Nintendo. The developers of the previous opus, including Yoshio Sakamoto, however, are occupied by other projects and a new team is set up. This, heterogeneous, is composed of some studio veterans like Hiroji Kiyotake, one of the creators of the series, or Makoto Kanoh, but also novices. For the scenario, the designers are inspired by that of the movie Aliens, the return of James Cameron. For his gaming system, they decide to resume that of the previous opus of the series that they nevertheless evolve towards a more linear concept. In the game levels, the advance of Samus is thus limited by the presence of lava and to access new zones, it must destroy all the metroids in order to cause an earthquake and lower the lava level. The progressive unlocking of weapons and areas is still present but remains secondary and minimal.
At his exit, Metroid II is well received by the specialized press and gets good grades. In retrospect, however, criticisms consider it to be more linear than its predecessor, Metroid, because of the changes in its gameplay that emphasize the elimination of enemies to the detriment of research. The graphics are considered medium, but limited by the console capabilities and the set remains considered a good action game. Sales are honorable, with 1,650,000 copies elapsed around the world, but despite its critical success and sales, the game misses the checkout of commercial success. Changes to Metroid II, therefore grow part of the fans to move away from it, making it the least appreciated game of the series.
Super Metroid, the direct suite of Metroid II, is published on Super Nintendo in 1994. The game is reissued from September 2011 on the Nintendo 3DS virtual console, where he receives the same reception as the original version. An amateur remake named AM2R (Another Metroid 2 remake), based on the Game Maker game engine, is developed by Milton Guasti. AM2R appears on August 6, 2016, but it is removed a few days after its exit at the request of Nintendo, invoking a violation of intellectual property under the DMCA law. An official remake, Title Metroid: Samus Returns, is available since September 15, 2017 on Nintendo 3DS.

We are already at the end of the month and they are revealed by the games that will accompany us for free as a gift to the subscribers of the different services. On this occasion, it s time to talk about Prime Gaming, where they are going to be very generous once again, offering a total of 9 titles.

As always, among them there are several who stand out for being licenses or renowned games. This is the case of Rise of the Tomb Raider, second installment of the last trilogy starring Miss Lara Croft. Or Dragon Age Inquisition, the fantastic RPG adventure of BioWare, which will serve as an earlier for your next game.

In addition, we also find excessive action games such as control, of the creators of Alan Wake or Secret Files: Sam Peters, for lovers of graphic adventures. These are the 9 titles.

Dragon Age Inquisition
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Brakes are for losers
Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter
Puzzle Agent 2
Rogue Heroes.

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Secret files: Sam Peters