Bungie Leaves for his games on the Microsoft Cloud

K.K. Sega (Jap. 株式 会社 セガ, Kabushiki-Gaisha Sega, engl. Sega Corporation – derived from Service Games, own letters: Sega) is a Japanese manufacturer of video games and arcade machines as well as a former manufacturer of game consoles. Segas headquarters is located in ōa, Tokyo, but the company itself has more seats in the US and Europe as well as several subsidiaries on several continents.

How do Xbox Cloud Saves work?

This week, Microsoft announced current quarterly numbers for its gaming division, which we had already reported in this message. In the conference call Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also mentioned that Bungie, Creator of the Halo series and Destiny, would rely on the cloud of Microsoft to scale and operate his games. According to the statement, bungie could not only work on matts, but at least another thing that leaves the Microsoft Cloud.