The Metroid Momentazo Dread that you were waiting for years to be viral and hides a curiosity

A few days ago Since Metroid Dread, one of the most anticipated games of Nintendo Switch is available. In addition, a title that has the honor of having been prepared in Spain thanks to the Spanish Mercury Steam study.

The adventures starring by Samus Aran include a curiosity that the fans of the saga had been waiting for years. Of course, it is a momentazo that can be considered spoiler if you have not played, so you are warned if you want to continue reading.

Once clarified that what we are going to talk about now is a Metroid Dread Spoiler, there we go. As you know, Samus Aran is not characterized by talking too much, but rather the opposite.

In a scene of this adventure, the hunters… Speak! And the community has been filled with reactions at the time they listen to just say something to one of the most beloved characters of the Nintendo Universe.

As you can see in the tuit that we left right over, the voice of Samus Aran in Metroid Dread is that of Nikki García, one of the best-known dubbing actresses of Spain, to which you have heard in countless sites but not You know it. In the vicinity of RENFE, in your GPS and in a lot of series, movies and video games.

In the TUIT, Nikki García is shown grateful for having played such a strong character and also shown enthusiastic with people s reactions by listening to Samus. A momantazo, no doubt.