Battlefield 2042 new CM appeared in Hikakin BF series CM in the CM of Japan

Electronic Arts has released the new web CM of Battlefield 2042 scheduled to release November 19th.

CM character is that Hikakin is. It is said that the Battlefield series is the first Japanese.

In this web CM, the soldiers who have combat the battle in various places are projected based on the fact that Battlefield 2042 is at the near future after about 20 years. In front of a soldier, along with Hikakin s figure, as if age was repeated, the display called 10 billion people . If Hikakin has been active as a video creator 20 years later, this production has been realized because he wants to aim for a 9 million channel registrant.

Hikakin interview

Q1) This Battlefield 2042 is the stage of about 20 years after about 20 years.
Hikakin s dreams and ideals after 20 years of Hikakin?

Hikakin-san) Since it is over 50 years old after 20 years, I can not easily imagine it, but it is happy if I eat delicious things and live in peace (laughs)

q2) Hikakin will be a trailer of the Battlefield series, the first Japanese, but please tell me his comments when you receive an offer.

Hikakin-san) It is a great honor for the first time for Japanese people! Since it is a major role, the supervision of the trailer appearance scene is full power, and it was finished in confidence! (smile)

Q3) Please tell me the attractiveness of the Battlefield series seen from Hikakin.

Hikakin-san) FPS who played for the first time was Battlefield . I remember that I was impressed by super real depiction and realistic production that I felt when I played for the first time. I would like to play with people who have not played yet!

Q4) I think that you have been playing a lot of games so far, but now there are the world view and genre of the game you want to play in the future?

Hikakin-san) Now that it is hot in the game, FPS aims to win from many players by making full use of Aim power and team collaboration, so we will continue to enjoy FPS with full power I want to go!

Battlefield 2042 will be released on November 19 for PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin).