Battlefield 2042 Developers respond to criticism from the beta

After the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042 there was a lot of criticism from the community. Developer DICE now explains in a blog post, which insights he made at the first public test and what he wants to improve up to the launch. In addition, five other specialists are presented in a new trailer.

In the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042 , players could only choose from four specialists. In a new trailer, developer DICE now introduces five other characters when the players and players are allowed to visit the battleground for the launch. However, the selection of specialists was not a problem of the beta, but the community had a lot of criticism of the new Battlefield. What the developers of DICE from the beta have taken and what they do with these findings explain them in a blog post.

Battlefield 2042: The five new specialists

But we start with the trailer of the new specialists. Every character in Battlefield 2042 bring a special feature and a special equipment. In other equipment, there are no restrictions, no matter what specialists you decide.

Hier is the trailer to the new specialists:

Criticism of the beta: This is what dice reacts

Strange movement, poor performance and missing base features are just part of the problems that have noticed players and players during the beta. DICE explains in a blog post, What to do to the launch . (Source: Electronic Arts).

Improvement at the user interface
The big overview map should be activated
The commorosis , ie the Ingame menu for communication with other players and players, should be available for launch
ping system for marking places and opponents should also work
An indicator of near grenades should be added
More tanks on orbital for PC and next gene
Loadouts should offer significantly more variety as soon as you have brought the first levels behind you. It should also be possible to set presets for the essays of weapons. But you can still customize them about the plus system.
For consoles, it should first give a chat function
Kill and Activities Feed should be better visible in the HUD and provide better information without distracting them from playing
For the controller, there should be more options for adjusting the key assignment

In the blog post from DICE you will find even more details about the intended improvements. EA and DICE Plan Battlefield 2042 on November 11, 2021 to send to the Early Access, the regular release should then follow on 19 November 2021.