Overview of the week New Twelve Sky 2 and free Dungeons Dragons Online

An overview prepared specifically for those users who do not visit us regularly, and who could miss some important event in the last week. You will find here a list of all prime minister, tests, updates, new classes, servers and other new products, which we witnessed between Monday and Sunday.

Monday (October 11):

Echoes of Magic – Early Access a new mobile MMO

DragonBall Online Zenkai First Impressions
Infinite Legrange – the PC / Steam version started

Book of Travels – Game premiere

Tuesday (October 12):

Mortal Online 2 – Nickname Reservations

Elyon – you can download the game

Rose Online – Reactivation preview

Riders Republic – Open Beta

Wednesday (October 13):

Dragon Ball online Zenkai – New Update, Pobye Dungeon

Phantasy Star online 2: New Genesis – News and new class

Twelve Sky 2 – a fresh version of the game started

Thursday (October 14):

Eve Online – Prime Minister of Native Mac version

Lord of the Rings Online – New class and new Legendarek system

Elyon – Creating a character

Path Of Exile – Announcement of a new addition

Friday (October 15):

Dragon and Home – Open Beta started

Dungeons & Dragons Online – all quests Packi / DLC for free !!!

Swords of Legends Online – Difficult Rallies and Other News

Battleknight – two new servers

Saturday (October 16):

Will To Live Online – Better graphics, optimization

Sunday (October 17):