Dragon and Home starts with an open beta for everyone New Sandbox Beta Dragon

Today, Global, Open Beta Dragon and Home. This vocal title was first available in China, but from October 15 opens its gates for players around the world. And this for free, because the game will be available in the Free-to-Play model!

Guru described Dragon and Home in this way:

This is a new Sandbox Beta Dragon game in ~~ Minecraft ~~ Square style in which we choose how we want to have fun. There is no linecity or anything like that. Dragon and Home has to satisfy both Sunday players looking for a moment of respite from everyday stress, as well as more hardcore people who are looking for PVE challenges (in Dragon and Home will find an open world with hidden dungeons and dangerous bosses to overcome).

You can see for yourself how much of it worked. Current games reviews are mixed on steam, and many people draw attention to excessive grind and deficiencies in content. At the start we have three character classes, collecting and crafting, as well as a note of farming, breeding animals. Of course, Dungeon does not run, as well as offline mode under which buildings can be designed.

I invite you to interested here.