Battlefield 2042 beta Repair official statistics you have 11 million robots

The Open Beta Battlefield 2042 is over and players inside have received the chance for the first time in this phase to snuff into the new part of the shooter series. Dice and EA published a short statistic on the official Twitter account to the numbers and data of the Open Beta phase, from which some interesting facts can be read.

The most popular Battlefield 2042 weapons at a glance

Which facts can be read out? The responsible ones did not give any direct information about the exact players inner numbers, but thanks to the statistics we know that over 17 billion shots were fired. To support in combat, Testers have called around 10.8 million robot dogs:

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The most popular weapon among the gambling, measured at the number of shots cast was the M5A3, tightly followed by the LCMG, the AK24, the PBX-45 and the K30. The most widely used equipment is the brand new grasp trading, with which you can draw over the map to get as fast as possible in hard-reachable places or opponents.

Other interesting facts about the Orbital Map are the following:

380.283 rocket launches
58.557 failed rocket launches
5.8 million elevator rides
94,698 Tornados have been released
10.5 million kilometers were covered with the parachute
1.9 million death by C5

Battlefield 2042 is a Broken Mess | Battlefield 2042 Beta was a Complete Failure for  DICE & EA

In addition, Dice and EA still published some numbers to the specialists used. So it can be seen that the storm soldier Webster Mackay was the most popular specialist because its special ability (gripping hook) was most commonly used with a large distance.

Fans saw beta with mixed feelings

In the comments shows that some users are frustrated about the open beta. Some claim that they did not see a single one of the approximately 95,000 tornadoes. Others do not like the concept of specialists and they would like to be completely removed or even better balanced.

But improving seam: Under the Tweet, Dice and EA promise that a summary of the Open Beta should be released in the next week. This summarizes what the developer team has learned from the Open Beta and which feedback the creators will accept.

Further information about Battlefield 2042 at a glance:

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The rather mixed feedback from the community to the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042 has to do with the state of beta, among other things. According to Dice, the build of the beta was based on a several months old version, but Battlefield insider Tom Henderson assured that the build should not even be a month old. Which statement is right is unclear. Thus, we have no choice but to wait for the release on 19 November 2021.

What interesting experiences do you call from the beta?