Battlefield 2042 Insider Problems at DICE Beta just a few weeks old

The open beta of Battlefield 2042 ran on all platforms in the last week. Players have been able to make a picture of the shooter on the map orbit and the game mode conquest since then.

However, the beta left a good impression with its numerous mistakes for many players. Electronic Arts steered a little, as Lead Community Manager Adam Freeman said, the beta was already a few months old and has since achieved great progress since then.

However, the insider Tom Henderson claims in an article that the beta version used is from mid-September, the month when the beta should originally take place. His statement is based on two anonymous sources.

Should that be the case, then the beta would only be a few weeks old and may draw a completely different picture about the condition of the final game, which should already appear on November 19th.

Henderson further reports on DICE management problems, of which some of which come from Battlefront 2 s management. Accordingly, some of them should not be enough for the game and give back to the creative staff of the team s dull instructions (MACH X, Y and Z). One of them should only be a JA-Sager.

Actually releasable problems that one could have eliminated in the development process, should also be encountered in the management on Dove Ears.