Battlefield 2042 17 billion shots fired in the beta

What you have driven everything in the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042 has now been evaluated by DICE. It came out a chic graphic with all sorts of numbers. Among other things, 10.8 million participants over their 17 billion shots fired. You prefer to climb the Grapple Hook on building and used the assault rifle M5A3. Furthermore, you drove 5.8 million times elevator and flown 10.5 million kilometers with the parachute. For the next week, there is still a blog post that recapitulates the beta and reveals what the developers have learned from it and which feedback they took. > Next Week: Be on the Lookout for A Post-Beta Recap Blog. We ll Be Covering What WE Learned, Your Feedback, And More. > > – Battlefield (@Battlefield) October 13, 2021