The Open Beta of Battlefield 2042 is over so she came to you

With the end of the Open Beta vonbattlefield 2042 it is time to draw balance. How did she arrive at the Meinmmo community and the players? We summarize the reactions and evaluation of our survey for you.

This is the occasion for our survey : On October 8, Battlefield 2042 started in the Open Beta. The openest testing phase gave you about 2 days to get a first insight into the big multiplayer shooter and try yourself some new mechanics.

What offered the beta? The players were able to play the modus conquest on the map Orbital . They were able to choose from four specialists and their gadgets as well as test some weapons and their essays.

Previously, pre-order and EA play subscribers were already able to participate in an early access phase and start 2 days earlier. Here you will find an overview of the Open Beta with all information.

After the start of the Open Beta, we asked you the question: How do you find the beta of Battlefield 2042? These are the results of the survey.

Open beta of battlefield 2042 conceded mixed feedback

This is how our readers rate the Open Beta: At the time of evaluation of our survey (October 10, 10:30), 3584 players participated in the survey.

They were able to go between very good , good , so , not so good , not good and I do not play the beta .

With 27% of the votes (964), the beta was evaluated by most readers with good . After that, the selection was goes with 23% (808) of the most votes.

14% (499) of you found the beta even very well, 13% (474) in turn voted for not so good and 11% (411) they evaluated with not good . 12% (428) The survey participant did not play the beta.

Here again the results listed directly:

Good (27%, 964 votes)
Go (23%, 808 votes)
Very good (14%, 499 votes)
Not so good (13%, 474 votes)
I do not play the beta (12%, 428 votes)
Not good (11%, 411 votes)

Thus, 41% of you found the beta well or better, while 24% the beta is not good or really bad. Nevertheless, one can speak of a mixed result, because at least 23% are somewhere in between.

This is also reflected in our comments. For example, the impression of phintphin is rather waxed. Many great new ideas like ropes and abseiling, specialists and various smaller levelution elements on the map.
He calls many criticisms such as the bugs, spawn points, missing features and wreure menus. The beta convinced me to wait first with the purchase.
Melimik writes: So it s fun, but somehow the movement botheres me very much. That one felt faster will be in slide, belongs to me more for me to a cod instead of bf. Otherwise, the performance on the PS5 is cruelly, […] So it spoils the playing fun in any case.
Tim also had to struggle with technical problems: It has almost nothing in the beta, not even the spawn has worked and the graphic was also rather Meh. […] The beta was honest really sad, that was more an alpha test than anything else.
Klabauter had fun at the beta again: That you can change on the fly essays, I find great. I also like the operators [specialists]. However, he criticizes that it was difficult to orient himself on the map. He refers to as COD syndrome – because of the smaller maps. But you have to play BF like BF and not like Cod. Then it s fun. Teamplay is super important

So the voices reflect the survey: there are positive aspects and Battlefield 2042 makes many people fun, but there is a long flavor list and the implementation of some elements is questionable.

For example, there are trouble because of the ever-looking specialists who make a distinction between friend and enemy difficult. The bots also fluctuate strongly between stupid and matrix agents in their performance.

The technical condition is concerned the players

So Battlefield 2042 comes after the beta: While the impression is mixed with us, but the tendency to be positive, it looks different, for example, in the subreddit of Battlefield 2042.

Here are now several posts that hardly leave a good hair at the beta. For example, some players fear that the release of Battlefield 2042 could become a new case such as Cyberpunk 2077. (via reddit)

What was at Cybepunk 2077? This was one of the largest games releases of recent years, but even because of massive technical shortcomings of the PS4 and Xbox-one versions properly seized. That went so far that there was even in a lawsuit against developer CD Project Red.

Since those have some games of this horror scenario in mind and wish that Battlefield 2042 shifts its release. Because the technical defects are quite available and also I noticed MeinMMO author Benedict in his playback round.

Now heated debates are led to whether the shooter is postponed, or not and those who are guilty of the situation. The players discussed who supports responsibility by Publisher Electronic Arts or Developer Dice.

A big criticism are also missing features that a player in a video from former Battlefield offshoots has given up. The clip went through the ceiling with over 18,000 upvotes in the subreddit and received over 2000 comments.

The industry insider Tom Henderson has also evidenced several times the technical condition of the beta during the beta and wishes a shift in the release:

The biggest plus I can give the Battlefield 2042 beta is that everything is there to make this game absolutely outstanding. The movement, gameplay, destruction, weather, etc. are all great. But in my opinion, it just takes more time.

Via Twitter

Other shooter experts like Skillup also vote (Via Twitter). There can be the statement of EA that the beta build is several months old, do not comfort many people.

What is the conclusion? Even if there are many negative voices for the Open Beta, our survey shows: a large part of the players had a lot of fun in the beta, despite technical defects, for example with the destruction of the rocket. Experience has shown that the negative voices are always louder than the positive.

Who is satisfied, has no reason to procure the internet. Therefore, it is difficult to say how negatively the beta actually arrived. Safety can be kept: the technical problems of the Open Beta were numerous and are a reason for a number of players.

Whether EA s statement about the beta build in the end and the release version of Battlefield 2042 will be technically in a better state, remains to be seen. Numerous players are quite scared and worried about the beta.

When does Battlefield 2042? The shooter should be published on 19 November 2021 for PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4.

What about you guys? What experiences did you have made with the beta of Battlefield 2042? What do you think about the reactions of the players and the result of the survey? Write us in the comments.