Sniper plays Battlefield 2042 better than her and uses a flute

Since the start of the Beta Vonbattlefield 2042, many videos of spectacular kills and actions make the round. However, a player stands out because he did not have a spectacular sniper kill with mouse, not even with controller, but achieved with a flute.

Some players seem to have a new challenge again and again. The player Ledeanbeano has probably found this in Battlefield 2042.

Instead of playing regularly with mouse / keyboard or controller, he has been traveling in the beta with a flute. He even achieved a spectacular sniper at almost 500 meters.

Here you can watch the impressive kill in the clip. Ideally with sound:

Headshot with flute and recorder – What s just happening?!

What do other players say? In reddit post, players react impressed. Even Community Manager Totalfps can be a what happened because?! Do not resist. (via reddit)

Zpindex writes: I am very impressed and at the same time pretty confused.
Kunibert der zwonde says: Really now? Sometimes I need a whole magazine until I finally kill something with a sniper and the guy just uses a flute?!

How exactly does it work? That s a little complicated. In short, musical instruments, both acoustic and electronic, can be used as human control interfaces for electronic games.

The entries are extracted from the tones of the instruments played and transferred to the control parameters of the game. So it makes the player in the video. This is known, for example, from various players, which play the Bockharte Action-RPG Dark Souls with drums. (Via YouTube.com)

Instead of a conventional input device, Ledeanbeano uses a recorder and a flute. And ultimately goes to the focusing tour. In the video sees and you also hear how his sniper rifle reacts to the played sounds.

This raises the degree of difficulty of controls, goals and shoot again to another level and looks cool. Many people seem to have problems with the snipen in Battlefield 2042, so this kill looks all the more impressive.

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How long does the beta still run? You still have to play the Open Beta until tomorrow, the 10th of October at 9am. Then the servers go offline again and it is currently unknown whether there will be another beta before release.

The official release is then on November 19 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

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