Battlefield 2042 New start time of the Open Beta

The activation of the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is delayed. Like DICE, among others, tells on Twitter, the servers open today at 11 o clock. This shifts the start by two hours. Previously, the developers had communicated 9 o clock as a start time for the test phase open for all players. One reason Dice also calls: So that everything is running smoothly, let s take some time to make necessary maintenance on the servers before transferring the switch for the Open Beta. The duration of the maintenance work seems to be set to two hours: the early access ends the info at 9 o clock German time.

Members of EA PLAY or pre-order of the full version has been rooting since the 6 . October in the Battlefield 2042 beta. However, between 9 and 11 o clock you have to take a break today before finally all interested players storm the virtual battlefields. The beta takes place on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. The Preload has been live since 5 October. This allows you to advance the files necessary to play.

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The end of the beta is scheduled for the 10th of October, 9 o clock. In the Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now 57.99 € / 53.99 €) Beta plays your conquest on the orbital card. It explores the Mode All-Out Warfare and plays four specialists who have their own styles, specialties and features. For example, the German paramedic Falck, which specializes in support. As the beta of Battlefield 2042 finally plays, you read in our report under the link set. The full version of the new ego shooter will come on the market on November 19th.

From David Martin
08.10.2021 at 06:49