Battlefield 2042 played That s what awaits you in the right slim open beta

For a few minutes, players and players can play with ear-access access for the first time Battlefield 2042. Press and Content Creator were already allowed to play in a preview event.

With Battlefield 2042 EA and DICE again throw your hat in the ring. It is fought for the attention of the shooter fans and with battlefields, the Battlefield makers will eventually know. From this you get in the Open Beta but only one thing to see.

Battlefield 2042: Content of the Open Beta

It was already known in the run-up, but here in all clearness: the Open Beta contains only the Conquest mode on the Map Orbital and the four already presented in detail. You can not hop in the sandbox called portal, still see the Hazard Zone s secret mode.

All information about the Open Beta is here:


Battlefield 2042: When does the Open Beta appear?

Olaf Fries

Personal opinion of Daniel Hartmann:

Mixed feelings: my beta conclusion

First, the indication that my assessment is based on a only three-hour playback session. I say it right away: Who plays this beta to make a purchase decision, comes only a small piece . Although the single map offers a good first impression from the heart of every Battlefield, but the latest part with new modes for the standard maps, portal and Hazard zone should offer so much more.

But let s talk about a few positive things. The Battlefield feeling is definitely there. Infantry, vehicles and air force Krachen to each other and at the hotspots (on orbital the rocket stramp and the associated Hangar) comes to chaotic struggles. Through the 128 people on the field is really something going on and yet there are often several sub-sides. I find it good to be able to decide if I just want to fight with 80 people around the star ramp or a handful of inferior team members in the fight for a smaller control point off the big battle wants to support.

The ability to equip your own class with any weapon also makes a positive initial impression. Whether the Sniper-Medic is actually the next big thing, I dare to doubt. But to play the weapon, I feel like fulfilling my role inside my squad, I liked it very much.

The four specialists of the beta were presented some time ago:

Rocket launches and catastrophes

What also contributes to the right atmosphere in Battlefield 2042 is the degree of ambient destruction. The battlefield is changing significantly in the course of a match, but never so far that it influences the game too much. On many buildings, walls and roofs can be bpled away , but the skeleton remains all the time. A highlight on orbital is the start of the rocket, which in the case of a stuffed started starts the environment devastated the environment. But even if the rocket lifts successfully, it is very dangerous in the area of ​​the start ramp.

The Tornado on the map also causes destruction in the terrain and also disturbs the HUD. Of course, I did not let me take it, both to drive as well as me. In a jeep you have bad cards in the hurricane, but with the fighting jet, however, I managed to relocate up.

Let s get another thing I liked. The plus system , ie the opportunity to change the essays of the weapon in the current game is sometimes very helpful. I think if I first knows what exactly what essays cause exactly, I can customize my weapon to a situation pretty quickly. Currently I read two minutes, which the essays change, but if that arrived in mind, it takes only a few seconds.

Many small problems

Of course, it is a beta and that s not the finished game. The build should be a few months old according to Dice , which can be between two months and almost a year. Keep the back of the head.

There are construction sites at Battlefield 2042. For example, have the most weapons barely recoil , whereby even a sniper can be defeated with a storm gun. The snipers are not easy anyway, the sniper-visors shine with the sun around the bet. If you operate the side protection in a tank, your camera renewal does not work with that of the armored driver and she trembles unpleasant.

For me completely incomprehensible is the deactivation of the map . I could not call the card by pressing a button, which made the orientation difficult and probably led to more chaos than necessary on the map. In addition, as with Battlefield usual, I could not mark opponents. The function is still disabled in the beta.

Orbital is a medium size map and already there are areas that remain completely unused because there is no reason to stop there. That may not be a demolition and thanks to vehicle wool can be bridged well, but Battlefield 2042 wants to convince with its Hazard Zonentic dimensions. Too bad if the whole size is used for nothing.

Performance problems

Despite high-end PC, the beta suffers from some performance problems. For stable 120 fpps I had to clear the graphic and that despite RTX 3080. In addition, I could find graphic bugs especially in the parachutes frequently, and again a player also glittered by objects. In general, the game looks like a great way, but is not a big jump compared to its predecessor. Actually not surprising, after all, Battlefield 2042 still has to run on a standard Xbox One or -PS4.

Depending on how old the build is the beta, Battlefield 2042 could pretend a rather bumpy launch. Although most problems are good to solve, but it takes time. However, Dice has a few weeks left until the scheduled release on 19 November 2021. It s best to make yourself a picture, the Open Beta is free at least on 7 and 8 October.