Battlefield 2042 Beta Could Really Have 2 Maps

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Reports as well as leaks suggest that the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta could be obtaining a 2nd map after launch, yet which one is it? .

Everybody is eagerly waiting for the Battlefield 2042 Beta. Still, it feels like there is plenty of details we do not learn about it right now.

A current trailer exposed what to get out of the playtest. This consisted of the map, game mode, and launch day of the Battlefield 2042 Beta. Nonetheless, new reports suggest that a second map can be coming to the Beta after launch as well.

However initially, a leaker hasrevealed the Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Map Ridge . .

Is The Battlefield 2042 Beta Obtaining A 2nd Map?

DICE has currently announcedevery launch day map in Battlefield 2042 so it was a bit of a frustration to see that just one would certainly be usable in the Beta. Nonetheless, it appears like DICE might be intending to include one more map in the latter stages of the Beta. .

Trusted video gaming source Tom Henderson declares that every one of the data for an additional map exists in the 2042 Beta.

The map concerned is Discarded . Set on the shore of India, this has gamers battling amongst beached container ships in the midst of lethal storms.

This 2nd map would be a major surprise considering the compactBattlefield 2042 Beta data dimensions on all systems. .

Nonetheless, seeing that data miners found lots of info on the map in the Battlefield 2042 Beta s files, it would certainly be odd for it not to make a look whatsoever. Let s wish that DICE reveals the arrival of Discarded in the Beta quickly!

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At the same time, also if the Beta isn t here yet, there are major cyberpunk concerns. Cheaters have actually currently bypassed the Battlefield 2042 Easy Anti-Cheat system.

However, gamers plan to make their Battlefield 2042 Beta maps hacker-free by switching off crossplay. Although, this isn t an excellent solution.

Finally, reports suggest that the Battlefield Hazard Zone game setting reveal will certainly be quickly. With any luck, every one of these big Battlefield 2042 Danger Area leakages are true!