The dates and details of the open beta of Battlefield 2042 unveiled

The dates of the open beta of the next futuristic FPS Battlefield 2042 were announced today and will take place from 6 to 9 October early next month. As Battlefield 2042 was recently delayed by almost a month until November 19, 2021, it s a good surprise that the open beta takes place so early so that all players can experience it and give their opinion.

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However, open beta will not be complete with all available content. On the open beta website, it seems that only one conquest and a single card will be presented – the conventional conquest mode and the new orbital card. Conquest will be part of the category of All-Out Warfare cards, which will allow up to 128 players. Meanwhile, the new orbital card is articulated around trying to stop rocket launch, while dynamic weather hazards (think of the giant tornado sticked in the Battlefield 2042 trailer).

In addition, four classes of players will be available: a standard soldier with a grapple, a combat support nurse, a defense-oriented heavy machine gun operator with a sentinel and a stealth curriculum class. There will be a total of ten specialists in the final game, so expect other specialists will soon be revealed. Early access to the beta will be available from October 6 to 7 for players who have pre-ordered Battlefield 2042 or who are members of EA PLAY, while the more general players can start playing the 8, for a day until at the beta. Farm 9. The open beta is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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