Battlefield 2042 3 Interesting details that the trailer for the Open Beta already reveals

Recently we finally learned when the Open Beta ZUBATTLEFIELD 2042 will start. Next week, it starts. Here are some details that the trailer already reveals in advance.

When does the Open Beta start? Next week Tuesday the Preload starts. On Wednesday, the Early Access phase begins at which players are allowed to get started 2 days earlier.

These are the official data:

The Preload starts at 9:00 on October 5th.
The Early Access phase starts at 9:00 on October 6th and runs until 7th October
From 8 October at 9:00 am, all players can participate.
The beta ends at 9:00 on October 10th.

But what exactly awaits us in the beta? An exact indication of the scope has not yet published EA. After all, there is the trailer, which already priced some details. We have picked up 3 of them for you and go more closely.

But before you can watch the trailer here:

The trailer shows on which map your play is

Which map is available in the beta? If no further map is still unannounced, the card Orbital will be playable in the Open Beta.

From Leaks we already know that this card was included in the Technical Alpha of Battlefield 2042. Thus, there is even lacted gameplay, but that should not necessarily be representative of the beta.

The card has a rocket silo and during the trailer you can see how this rocket starts. But before you can really stand out, it will be destroyed and that looks folibration:

Also a tornado can be seen in the trailer. So there will be events during a match, which can shake a round again neatly.

By the way, up to 128 players will be on a map on the PC and the new consoles. So you can look forward to huge slaughter.

New specialist dozer – what does he have it?

What is this specialist? In Reddit, a Findiger player has identified a new specialist in the trailer. The community manager F8RGE has already confirmed that this has not yet been introduced.

According to his information, Santiago Dozer Espinoza is. What exactly the new specialist can, the developers are still covered.

A player suspects a kind of supporter role, but in his reply, it indicates that he could be beside it. (via reddit.com)

Which specialists are well known? So far, four specialists have been presented:

Storm soldier – mobile soldier for the front
Utility – support unit, also paramedics
Engineer – responsible for the coarse devices
Enlightenment – often remains in the background, enemies enemies or bother you

At the start, however, a total of 10 specialists are available. Which roles take the rest, we have to wait.

Interface and display details

What exactly is meant? The trailer already gives some gameplay scenes from the game price. The stroke and also all Ingame ads is shown directly.

So you can see about numerous elements of the HUD, but also Hit Marker, Assist and Kill markers. As a result, you can ever guess how it will be when you hust you over the maps and pulls into the battle.

A shooting is confirmed by a white skull.
An assist is displayed by a white hand.
Hit markers are red, but not particularly noticeable.
Overall, the HUD is minimalist and consists of three colors: blue, green and orange.

When is Battlefield 2042 actually? The shooter should appear on 19 November 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

However, there should be some differences between the new and old consoles. For example, a maximum of 64 players in one game are possible on PS4 and Xbox ONE and the maps should be significantly smaller.

What about with you? Will you try the beta? Which platform are you there?

If you want to play on the PC, you should be interested in the recommendations for your hardware: Battlefield 2042 shows system requirements of the Open Beta – needs a lot of storage space.