Battlefield 2042 revealed release of open beta you can play these days

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Finally we know when the Open Beta starts from Battlefield 2042. Next week it starts. Meinmmo reveals you when you can get started.

When does the beta start? According to announcement, the beta starts in the coming week. Players with early access access can get started earlier, two days later, the beta is available for all players. (Via Twitter)

These are the official data:

The Preload starts at 9:00 on October 5th.
The Early Access phase starts at 9:00 on October 6th and runs until 7th October
From 8 October at 9:00 am, all players can participate.
The beta ends at 9:00 on October 10th.

Update, 17:29: Meanwhile, there is also a trailer for the Open Beta:

On which platforms find the beta? As far as we know so far, the beta will take place on all platforms on which Battlefield 2042 appears: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta – Early Access and Content

How can I play earlier? To participate in the early access phase and to play earlier, you must either pre-order Battlefield 2042 or have an EA play subscription.

What is in the beta? This is currently unknown. So far, there was only one technical alpha in which the map orbital was playable. Outside, we do not know much, as the playtest was under secrecy and only passed through Leaks information to the outside.

Whether the beta is more extensive than the alpha playtest, we currently do not know yet. The official trailer shows that it will probably also go to the Orbital Map.

When could there be more information? According to insider Tom Henderson, there should be a trailer and more information about the beta tomorrow, on 29 September. Now the trailer was apparently published earlier. Maybe follow tomorrow, or in the course of the day more info.

Maybe we finally learn which content we expect. We keep you up to date as always.

The system requirements of the Open Beta of Battlefield 2042

What needs your PC? Unfortunately, there are no official system requirements yet. There was only one leak that shows the alleged requirements for the alpha playtest, which took place in August.

This is supposed to be your PC at least:

This is to be your PC, after the recommendation of the developers, can:

Consider that the requirements can still change to the open beta and the release. At least that s what you have a rough idea of ​​what your PC has to be driving.

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When will Battlefield 2042? The full game should appear on November 19th. The release was previously shifted, originally Battlefield 2042 should appear on October 22nd.

According to developer DICE, however, the Corona pandemic made for unforeseen difficulties and you would not be able to do it in time until the end of October to bring the game into a release-suitable condition.

In November, the shooter should then appear on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Owners of a PS4 or Xbox One must satisfy themselves with some differences to the newer consoles. This will probably be the case with the beta.