Today today s konami DDR DDR D Dance Revolution men and women are fascinating

Dance Revolution (ダンスダンスレボリューション, Dansu Reboryūshon) (DDR), also known as Dance Phase in earlier European video Dance Dances, is a video Dance Dance series created by Konami. Introduced in Japan in 1998 as component of the Bemani series, as well as released in The United States and Canada as well as Europe in 1999, Dance Revolution is the pioneering collection of the rhythm and also dance category in computer Dance Dance. Players stand on a dance platform or stage and struck colored arrowheads outlined in a cross with their feet to music and also aesthetic cues. Dance Dancers are judged by just how well they time their dance to the patterns offered to them and also are permitted to pick more songs to play to if they get a passing score.
Dance Dance Revolution has actually been satisfied with crucial praise for its originality as well as stamina in the computer Dance Dance market, along with popularizing using videoDance Dances as a medium for fitness as well as workout. There have been loads of arcade-based releases across numerous countries and hundreds of house video Dance Dance console launches, advertising a music library of original songs produced by Konami s in-house artists and a diverse set of qualified songs from many different genres. The video Dance Dance is additionally known for its passionate fanbase, as well as its expanding competitive event scene. The DDR series has also influenced comparable video Dance Dances such as Pump it Up by Andamiro and also In the Groove by Roxor Gamings.
The collection present version is Dance Revolution A20 Plus, launched on July 1, 2020.

SABRE / War Thunder
Today is September 26, 2021, soon, it is about to usually ushered in October, and the hot weather is finally a bit cool, but the recent Dance Dance is not cold, Diablo 2 re-version makes everyone re-examines the year The enthusiasm of netware, there are also a variety of Dance Dances in October to report, such as Polar Trenches 6 , Machine War 30 , Zero: The Witch of the Doodle … Waiting, it seems that it is a lottery package Ruthless bombing month!

Do you often go outside to call out? When you go to the large-scale playing playground, what kind of video Dance Dance do you like most? shooting? Racing? Or Is the average Dance Dance machine? Early large-scale electric play is difficult to pull on the whole body, and after a type of machine, you can often see that many people always have sweeping, yes, that is, the type of dance machine!

And mentioning the dancing machine, everyone will think, is the Dance Dance Revolution, Dance Dance Revolution, referred to as the Dance Dance Revolution, in 1998, exactly konami Launched the first edition of the hot dance revolution, the days of playing the frame, let s review this long-lived classic Dance Dance!

PlayStation version Hot Dance Revolution TV Advertising Movie

体感 游 游戏 游 游戏 新 大 大 小 小 连 人 人

When it comes to DDR, I believe that many people will have to play, usually known as dance machine in Taiwan, simple four arrows, matching music, the player wants to do it, the arrow is coming soon Previously, the corresponding arrow was pressed with a foot, and the rules were very simple, but everyone s response can be different.

DDR Hot Dance Revolution This Dance Dance is launched by the famous Japanese Dance Dance manufacturer Konami. It belongs to the Bemani of the company s Bemani , the music series of music Dance Dances, the first Dance Dance is rhythm BEATMANIA, while DDR is a third Dance Dance.

And DDR is interesting, in addition to using the body to play, you can also freely choose a variety of different music, there is a slow, some songs are quite beautiful, at the time, even if there is no play, most of them have heard Kung Fu Fighting , Butterfly (呀 ~) These western songs.

The song of Butterfly sang by the Swedish Double Group Smile Combination (Smile.dk), almost the DDR s classic representative song, many people will have to hear this song even if they have not played Dance Dances.

After the launch, DDR is not high, it is only necessary to have a non-poor reaction and physical strength, and it is easy to attract the people onlookers, which makes people more accomplishment, and quickly play Dance Dances from large electric Dance Dances. The center detonated a hot dance. Many players will go to school. The places where to go to sweat may not be playground, but the playground, the influence is large, even some movies have DDR.

The DDR hot dance revolution has a kind of Dance Dance Revolution Solo , launched in August 1999, in addition to the four directions of the left and right, there are more directions in the upper right, and it is difficult to play. However, the body is not like a general DDR is two, and the variation is less. In December 2000, it will not be updated after the last version is launched.

Transplantation Home Edition Continued boom The big platform has DDR figure

Konami saw that DDR was quite praised by large electric play, and immediately moved its portal to the home platform. The large-scale video version was launched in April 1999, in April 1999, there was already a very high-rise planstation host. Household version, and launch the corresponding pedal controller, so many players can enjoy the atmosphere that does not lose to large video at home.

DDR is popular, Konami naturally does not let this opportunity, except for PlayStation, also transplanted DDR to DREAMCAST, Nintendo s N64, Dance Dancecube, and even Dance DanceBoy, you also launched a portable LCD video Dance Dance console, It is said that it is absolutely not soft. It can be seen that all parts of the DDR can be seen between all parts of the time.

热舞 风潮 对

Konami has made a tide since a launch of the DDR hot dance revolution, so many competitors have also launched a similar machine, and more probably launched the fastest Korean manufacturer Andamiro. Pump IT UP , its arrow uses four oblique directions, and a middle button. There are also many players love.

The launch has been more than 20 years of related versions, there are still new version to launch

The rhythm Dance Dance created by Konami, can be said to be detonated on the DDR, but later Konami himself will also be in the Bemani series, and it is also very interesting and attractive music Dance Dance, like It is guitar master , fanatic drummer , dance Rubarad , paraparaparadise … etc, but from the launch of more than 20 years, there is not much to launch a new machine, DDR is one of them. one.

Since DDR has been launched from the present version, it is very much very much. In addition, in addition to incorporating music changes, in addition to inclusion of music changes, in fact, DDR has been It has slowly changed, and it is still popular in the playground.

Even if the current large-scale playing playground, it has become more and better because the mobile phone and the home host is hit, but the DDR always has a vote of death, always waving on the machine, because it is indeed There is a charm of people who want to move.