Dead by Daylight The 10 best perks for survivors

Dead by Daylight is an uneven survival scary computer game established by Behavior Interactive. Dead by Daylight was released for Microsoft Windows in June 2016, released in PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One in June 2017, released in Nintendo Switch on September 24, 2019, and a mobile port on iOS as well as Android on April 17, 2020. The Stadia version was released in October 2020. The PlayStation 5 and also Xbox Series X/S variations released on November 12, 2020. The game is played as a one-versus-four online multiplayer where one player tackles the function of a savage killer and also the other four play as survivors attempting to escape the killer and stay clear of being captured and sacrificed to a sinister pressure called the Entity.
Along with original characters, the video game additionally includes characters from various horror franchises such as Halloween, Left 4 Dead, The Texas Power Saw Bloodbath, A Nightmare on Elm Road, Saw, Evil Dead, Fun Globe s Ghost Face, Stranger Things, Quiet Hill, Crypt TV, Homeowner Evil, as well as Hellraiser.
Since January 1, 2018, Behavior Interactive came to be the video game s publisher, acquiring posting legal rights from Starbreeze Studios.

So that you survive in Dead by Daylight, we present the best Perks for survivors here. So you are prepared before every killer!

Who starts new with Dead by Daylight, which could be overwhelmed by the sheer selection of possible Perks. So that you have a good overview, which Perks are particularly worthwhile and helpful in many situations, we present you our list of the 10 best Perks in Dead by Daylight for the survivors.

Update: This article has been updated on 17.09.2021 and now corresponds to the state of Dead by Daylight 5.2.1. He takes into account all Perks up to and including the Light Raiser chapter.

How to free Perks: In order to unlock Perks, your blood points must invest in the respective blood network of a character and so always new steps on the network and thus new Perks unlock. Consider that every survivor has three unique perks. In order for these Perks to appear with other survivors, you must only unlock them with the original owner in a teachable version. This is possible at step 30, 35 and 40.

Shrine of the secrets check: Alternatively, a regular view of the shrine of the secrets is worthwhile. There you can buy four randomly selected Perks directly every week directly for monster. This skips the unlocking of the teachable perk (for example if you do not own a survivor). The PERK still has to appear in the blood network of the desired survivor.

The top 10 perks of the survivors in Dead by Daylight

We expect the following Perks from the highest level (3). Among them, many perks are drastically losing value and should only be used for lack of alternatives. The list is currently at the time of Patch 5.0.0.

You are a killer player? The 10 best perks of the killers we have here for you!

1. Borrowed Time (borrowed time)

learn by: Bill on level 35

Borrowed time is a nearly unbeatable Perk when it comes to rescuing survivors. Borrowed time causes the person s own character to be protected for a few seconds. If she is hit by a blow, then she does not go into the dying state (so too ground), but suffers deep wounds instead. The character stays on the legs and can move as long as he does not stop racing.

Afterwards, he must then connect or be healed by another player.

The PERK allows rescue actions with which self-camping killers have difficult to create and is often indispensable for survival of the group.

Especially important: If you have been saved from a wounded player and the killer is nearby, the hit with borrowed time starts. So at best both players escape and it does not just take place only an exchange of the survivors on the hook.

2 . Prove thyself (evidence you)

learner by: Dwight Fairfield on level 35

Prove you ensures that the only actual task of the survivors is completed faster – namely the repair of generators. For every survivor within 4 meters, the repair speed is increased by 15% – not only for the player with the PERK, but also for all others within the radius. Normally there is a malus when several survivors work on a generator, but with evidence you is completely negated. This is how it is worth doing well together generators, which are completely completed in wind parts.

The Perk is not stackable with himself – two survivors have this Perk, only one effect applies. The PERK is only useless if you never repair together with other survivors or works on a one-seater generator, which can only be repaired by a survivor simultaneously.

3 . Iron Will (Iron Wille)

learn: Jake on stage 30.

Iron will is self-explanatory. If your character is wounded, he does not give a pain of pain.

As a rule, wounded characters are much easier to detect, as they moan against pain and a killer can even find them blind if he only hears his surroundings. Thanks to this Perk, this advantage is missing, which is why the escape is often succeeded.

In the hands of experienced players killers with Iron Will can often be tricked.

4 . Spine chill (cold back showers)

learner by: standard

Cold back chill is simple, but fills a high benefit. As soon as the killer looks from a distance of 36 meters or less in your direction, the PERK lights up and alarm. This is quasi an early warning system that indicates when the killer approaches. Since cold back showers is also active when the killer is in camouflage, this is a perfect counterattack against killer with a lower or no terror radius.

You can hide as early as early or we will wake as to whether you want to quit your task.

The Perk also ensures that she works a bit faster, while the killer looks in your direction, but skill checks are a bit more difficult. But that hardly falls in weight.

5 . Adrenaline (adrenaline)

learn by: Meg on level 40

Adrenalin counts as a continuous burner under the perks of the survivors. It is resolved immediately as soon as the last generator has been activated. The survivor can sprint for 5 seconds at 150% speed and is also healed by a health level. If he is on the ground, he stands on and when he is wounded, he will be completely cured.

Adrenalin is delayed if you are prevented from the time of activation (that is, hanging on the hook or worn by killer). In the case, the PERK releases as soon as one can move his character again. With a rescue of the hook, it is therefore for a sprint and is immediately healed.

Adrenalin causes exhaustion for a while, so other sprint Perks can not be used.

6 . Kindred (Related)

learner by: standard

Related was massively revised a few months ago and unfolds its benefits in more situations. Therefore, it is one of the top Perks for information procurement for survivors.

Related ensures that all other survivors can see the aura of all survivors when your character is on the hook. In addition, the killer aura is displayed for all survivors when it is in the radius of 16 meters around the hook.

Since the revision, related for the user works even when another survivor has been suspended. In the case, only her see the aura of all other survivors and killers (within 16 meters). As a result, you can make smart decisions and make sure if you should save the other surviving, or if someone is already on the way.

7 . Unbreakable (indomitable)

learn by: Bill on level 40

Impourish allows the survivor to hit himself from the ground once per match. He then does not need another survivor who assists him. In addition, the regeneration on the ground is increased by 35%.

Especially in the last moments of a match, it often happens that killer sluggen – they beat survivors to the ground, but do not continue. So it should be ensured that no survivor can escape through the hatch.

The unique way to help yourself and then help other survivors from the hook or to open the gate is invaluable valuable – even if it does not come in each match.

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8th. We re gonna live forever (we will live forever)

learn by: David on level 30

For a long time, We will live forever a Perk, with which one could only farm blood points. For every time a survivor is saved from the PERK user (rescue of the hook, rescue by pallet or flashlight, protective matches), the highlighted bloodpoints increase by 25%, up to 100% – alone that already made him a popular Choice.

But since some patches, the PERK also increases the healing speed on survivors, which are in the dying state (ie on the ground). This allows survivors to cancel in wind parts, making killers often do not yet expect.

9 . Flashbang (blend grenade)

learn by: Leon S. Kennedy on level 35

There are only very few ways to create survivors, objects from the nothing . The blend grenade is one of them. If you have long enough repaired a generator and then goes in a cupboard, it makes a blending grenade.

The grenade has only one charging, a small distance can be thrown wide and produces a loud bang. In addition, it shines all players in the immediate circle – including the survivors.

The grenade can thus be used both as a distraction but also for a rescue operation. If you throw the grenade in front of the killer, while it picks up a survivor, the chance is good that the killer is immediately blinded and the survivor is released.

The correct use of the Perks is getting used to and also requires that you do not lead an item with you. But it is mastered first, then the Flashbang distraction, rescue maneuvers and just cool.

10 . Sprint burst (sprintboost)

learn by: Meg on level 35

Since the Nerfs of balanced landing is the Sprint Burst for many again the sprint-perk of choice. Especially in combination with fixed, it is suitable because you can quickly come across the map and at the same time cancel the sprint for the escape before the killer.

SprintBoost gives the character as soon as it starts to race, a speed bonus of 150% for 3 seconds. This allows you to cover many meters in a short time and moves much faster than the killer.

However, SprintBoost also causes exhaustion for 40 seconds, which only decreases when the survivor is no longer running. As long as exhaustion is active, can not be retracted again.

Of course, there are also a lot of Perks even away from the presented Perks, which are useful in different situations. There is not one, right game style in Dead by Daylight. But at least with the above Perks you can hardly do something wrong. They are a solid basic selection to miss most of the killers at least a while long.

Which perks do you always play as a survivor? Are you rather an action or a stealth player?