How to connect an audio device via Bluetooth to the switch

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The Nintendo Switch received a new firmware update yesterday, which provides its users with a highly requested function. It turns out that it is already possible to connect any audio device via Bluetooth to the hybrid console, and if you are still not sure how to do it, then do not worry that here we explain it to you.

To begin, check that your console is up-to-date to version 13.0.0 , and to do so, you must enter the menu ‘ System settings ‘, and below ‘ System Update’ , You can check what version you have installed.

Once you have verified it, it will be time to start the pairing process for your device. This will depend on each device, but in general it should work very similarly between each of them.

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First, go to the menu of System settings and from there go down, where you will find the new tab of ‘ Bluetooth Audio’ . Once you’re there, press ‘A’ for the switch Start looking for your device. This is where you must look for How to make your device enter into pairing mode, Since the process is not necessarily the same for all.

Once the console has identified your device, it will only be a matter of selecting it and ready. Each time you put your switch in idle mode, the device you have linked will be disconnected automatically, and once you turn it on again, it will resume the connection.

Via: Nintendo Life