Tales of Arise How to get fast Gald

Tales of Arise is now available and you may have noticed that items in stores can be expensive when it comes to organizing a full party. If you are running out of Gald, we can help you. Here it is explained how to quickly become an GALD in Tales of Arise.

Get fast Gald in Tales of Arise

Complete secondary missions

Complete sub-missions is one of the fastest ways to win Gald in this game. These secondary missions are indicated by envelope icons on the map and are generally easy to do. Many of these are rescue missions or missions of ‘kill x monsters’ that can be completed quickly.

From time to time you will be asked to take a giant zeugble well above your level, so you can save it for later. But apart from these missions, everything else should be quite easy to complete, and you will be rewarded with generous amounts of Gald and skill points (SP) for your problems, especially later in the game.

Medals for breeding dog

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Out of sub-missions, you can cultivate Renan Guards in any dungeon that generates. When you defeat Renan’s guards, they release identification plate items that can be sold for a good amount of Gald in any merchant of Tales of Arise. The deeper you are in history, the better the identification plates will be. You can even cook some foods to increase drops.

Mazmorras such as the Riville Tower in Cyslody, the Allelina Palace in Men and the Almeidrea Boat contain many Renan guards to fight. And if you leave one room / floor and then enter again, they will reappear. You can cultivate identification plates in your free time in these areas while gaining levels and sp.

That’s all you need to know How to quickly become an GALD in Tales of Arise . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game. Also, do not hesitate to inform us if you have found even better ways to win Gald. During your trips.

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