Tales of Arise How to change the outfit

With all the great costumes that are available in Tales of Arise, you probably want to know how to change outfits, right? At startup, especially if you have received the Deluxe Edition, Tales of Arise offers many great looks that you can claim through DLC and unlocks in the game. In contrast to the last entries, where the costume menu was a bit hidden, Arise is very interested in ensuring that players not only know that DLC is available, but even allows players to check before buying look. Although this is in our opinion a little urgent, as it is open from the beginning for Alphen and Shionne, it is nice to have a more robust way to really change the appearance of every character. Here’s all we know how to change in Tales of Arise Outfits.

How to change the outfit in Tales of Arise

To change the outfit in Tales of Arise, press the start button and then select the outfit option. Once you are here, you can change the hair of every character, the total costume, two essays such as the DLC wings or the glasses and even the current weapon skin. The Weapon Skin is especially cool, because the more weapons you get in the game, the more skins are unlocked. We have already mentioned that you can preview the DLC before buying in the preview so you know how he looks. See below, like!

Styling and profiling

While changing outfits is pretty simple, it is also important to know how your favorite character will look like before you waste your hard-earned money. To preview the DLC (pay attention to spoiler) before buying, open the main menu, go to the system, then to downloadable content and finally look at the DLC costume. That way, you can check how every costume looks for each character before spending a cent. This is a great addition to earlier titles where what you have received was not quite so transparent, so you could stay in the end with some really ugly looks.

Stories of Arise is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Take a look at our test for the game.

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