God of War Ragnarok has a new director Cory Barlog is not in front of the continuation

Chris Williams (birthed December 19, 1968) is a Canadian American animator, film director, film writer and also voice actor that routed the brief film Glago’s Guest and co-directed Bolt, which was nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Attribute in 2009, Big Hero 6, which won the Oscar for Finest Animated Feature in 2015 as well as Moana, which was nominated for 2 Oscars for Best Computer Animated Feature and Ideal Original Song in 2016.

Last night we could finally see the first Gameplay of God of War Ragnarok and we continue to know important news with the development of Kratos and Atreus adventures. This sequel will have a significant change: Cory Barlog , Director of the 2018 game that meant the reboot of the saga, leaves the address in the new adventure .

After the PlayStation Showcase ended, Sony issued interviews with the games responsible and, for the occasion, spoke with Eric Williams , a Sony Santa Monica veteran who has worked on all the deliveries of the saga as a designer of combat, it is now responsible.

The creative explained that they have the tradition of changing director at each delivery and they have succeeded by doing this. Cory is the only one who has repeated as director and with all the right, because he is very good at everything he does .

Barlog himself was director at God of War 2 , but the delivery of PS2, and later repeated in the aforementioned reboot , being the only time in which he has repeated in the direction. The creative charismatic says it is important to be able to always have a fresh perspective, because you are really exhausted at the end of these works, so, says Barlog, that we have to cheat someone to do it.

So, from now on, we will talk about Eric Williams as the director of God of War Ragnarok , although both Cory Barlog as a good part of the Sony Santa Monica team that was in the 2018 game will be earrings of all the Aspects of the game so that a work goes as possible as possible.

In the report that we leave below we tell you all the details that we know until the moment of this adventure, which is already one of the most anticipated games of PS5 .