This was originally seen in Kratos GOW Ascension

Over the years, the series of God of War has remained constant, specially predicted the new direction that Cory Barlog took in 2018. However, many elements, such as Kratos design, were preserved. That said, a conceptual art for God of War: Ascension reveals that The protagonist of the series was going to have a very different visual style.

God of War: Ascension He arrived at PS3 in 2013, and it is a prequel to the adventures that began in PS2. In this way, The conceptual art of the game shows us a very thin and old kratos . An explanation for this change is not offered, and it seems that the idea was to show a tortured version of the protagonist.

The Early Model for Kratos in GOW ASENDION. from Godofwar.

At the end of the day, God of War: Ascension gave us the classic kratos that we all recognize , and it was not until the 2018 delivery that we saw a change in the character’s design, and that was the inclusion of a beard . With a PlayStation Showcase a few hours away, many expect to see a little more about the next delivery of the series.

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Via: ComicBook.