Tales of Arise How to Use Shionne

Tales of Arise is one of the best Tales games for years and is partly due to how unique play all the characters. In previous titles, there was some separation, but after a while everything is somehow the same. In Tales of Arise this is by far not the case, as each character brings its own twist to the gameplay. One of the most fascinating characters to play as well as Shionne because it uses a long-range rifle and Astral Artes as their main form of attack. play as Shionne is one of the more difficult tasks in Tales of Arise because it requires very fast reflexes and careful positioning to maximize their potential.

Tales of Arise Best Shionne Artes

While most of the characters in Tales of Arise have an obvious play, Shionne is somewhat less. In terms of defense, it is actually most of the time pretty solid, but because of their long spells times and somewhat slow ground attacks can be quickly ruined if you’re not careful. To counter this, we always want to have a first-aid equipment. It’s not the most fun option, but damn it ever valuable if you and your group are in dire straits. Resurrection is the other script that you could bring here, but that limits your firepower strong and makes playing as Shionne befitting a minor character who could make some fun, but it is not the best way to use it. To compensate for this, we will also add some offensive Artes. The first to be noticed early on that getting great Ice Tornado will be. It has a bit of a casting time, but once this is true magic strudel, destroying enemies completely and normally opens it for your other group members in order to combine them for days. However, you must remember that elements are important in this game, so many enemies are not as severely affected if they are the type of ice. The other, on which you should focus on is your bomb Arte. These behave basically like grenades, which can cause damage then by holding the button down, which it is associated, after you have thrown it. The damage alone is not huge by the bombs, but it can be very helpful throughout to pepper enemies with it, and if you decide to trigger it, the explosion will usually cause a lot of damage.

Shionne positioning

Tales of Arise considers it important that your position affects on the battlefield all the damage you will suffer through to landing your attacks or not. Gone are the semi-homing attacks earlier games and everything here is much position-related. For some characters, you have to get very close to inflict your damage. With Shionne we want to be, however, as far as possible away from the action. There are several reasons. Firstly Shionne is one of the best characters to root out the weak points of the bosses in this game. The reason is that they can hit the weak points exactly that you may find difficult if you use one of the various available melee characters. She has several non-elementary arts, moving in a straight line, and when you level up enough, she is from a long distance to an absolutely lethal character.

Shionne boost attacks

Shionne begins in the attacking department a little basic, but as soon as she gets her boost attack, it is an integral part of your Tales of Arise teams, regardless of whether you control them or not. Your Boost attack it can be from any enemy out up to which you have locked up, and release a flood blue laser on them. With any luck, this can quickly break the defense of the enemy and inflict a lot of damage. The best way to use this attack is to launch an enemy with some damage, making it more likely that the attack boost supplies enough punishment to break him. Shionnes bombing is the point where we want to go here, because you can lay on the entire battlefield and trigger the explosion with your special ammunition. This alone, however, probably will not trigger the boost attack, so you need a bit more. The way how Boost attacks are unlocked is to complete combos. Fortunately Shionne has some fast striking combos that require only a soul strips then you want to let go.

Shionne is one of the main characters of the game, so you probably will often change to you and though your mechanics is a bit intimidating and admittedly slower than some of your actionlastic teammates, it is properly used it is a long way to help you defeat your enemies Regardless of what difficultiness you play. Stories of Arise is available on September 10, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Take a look at our review of the game here. * * * * * *