5 things you should know before starting with Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise is the latest part of the long-standing series, which has always had the stuff to the superstar and nevertheless manages to miss the goal. Luckily Tales of Arise seems to have dropped the old-school insignia former games and is actually as good as it goes for a modern action RPG. Alphen and Co. will demand a good 50-60 hours of attention in the next few months, so there are some things they should know before they start their journey.

5 . Storage points are gone

Yes, although the valley series was trapped for more than 20 years in the old system of storage points, she finally left her old way with Tales of Arise. Instead of desperately looking for the next store point, while your health is short after a hard fight, where you have just acquired a shiny new item, Tales of Arise respects your time and lets you save them almost everywhere in the game. This is a tremendous improvement and allows you to play the game in your pace and not in the pace you want from the developers. That is, if you step in to fight for 20 minutes, fight a few enemies and then get off, you can do this completely free. Purists like to argue that this makes things too easy, but trust me, make this difficulty hard and tell me that this game is too easy.

4 . Combos are back

The previous part, Tales of Berseria, focused on building a meter to unleash their devastating species attacks. The problem there was that if you were empty on this meter, could hardly be able to perform attacks. Tales of Arise creates remedy by adding a base attack in addition to all your art. This combo string begins modest, but when more skills are unlocked, add attacks to your base Moveset, which means that you have the opportunity to juggle opponents for an absurd number of hits in the air if you want. Moment times, did I say to juggle in the air?

3 . Air raids are vital

Although they were always able to beat their enemies in earlier valley games, the system has never been so expanded as in Tales of Arise. At the beginning you will receive a whole series of artes that can only be used in the air. This adds a literally quite different dimension to the fight, as they can equip their characters with Movesets, which quickly whip their opponents into the height, which then allows them to start a number of basic attacks or a species attack that their enemy In the floating keeps in the air and opens it for more attacks.

2 . It’s darker than most


The tales of-series was generally often carefree and although there are moments of dark throughout the series, each game always had a raising topic. Tales of Arise is something completely different. You start, for example, as a slave with an iron mask, which is grafted in the face, and from there you see the horrors of the war, betrayal, children who complain about the dead parents and worse. These are not the old valley games, and although they will see their usual anime tropics from time to time, things are mostly awesome this time.

1. It feels the next generation

That may not seem too much, as most games that come out today should feel like that, but the valley series always had a way of feeling a little behind the time. Also at Tales of Berseria, there were constant textures that reminded of a PS3 game, and other anti-anxious visible limits, which separated the area to area. All this is away with Tales of Arise, as the game simply looks incredible, with a cel-shaded / anime atmosphere that simply has no precedent. The environments are incredibly detailed, the character animations are excellent and there are even entire anime intermediate sequences that provide a damn visual package. The fight feels thanks to a great evasive system that rewards the timing, and enemy attacks no longer just on you, as you can actually jump and dodge you now. The bar for all future valley games has been set.

Tales of Arise feels in many ways like the game, which will finally make the valley series a mainstream titan. It has always been overshadowed by its contemporaries such as Final Fantasy, but with this publication, the spike could finally be turned over. It is a mature game than his predecessors and would like to clearly belong to the giants of the game world. Everything I saw in this game says it’s ready for it.

Stories of Arise is available on September 10, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. * * * * * *