Haching President Schwabl The spark does not jump over

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After the fifth mandatory game in series without victory, Haching has arrived at the preliminary low point. The third league relegated presents itself in Puncto fitness in a terrifyingly weak condition.

unfavorable constellation of the squad

The Hachinger training under professional conditions lose against teams with working amateur footballers with less training practice. In addition, some new entries are not fit, the young players are overwhelmed and unsettled. It is an unfavorable constellation in which the SPVGG has maneuvered with a questionable transfer policy. The spark is not jumping over, said President Manfred Schwabl.

It is now the task of the coaching team to analyze the situation.

Manfred Schwabl

Also the system favored by coach Sandro Wagner with a threesome defense series and a defensive midfielder does not work. Over the wings, the opponents open up freedom. The deficits favor the number of goals – 17 conceded haching in recent five games. It’s the task of the coaching team to analyze the situation. I can not help, Schwabl Meanwhile, Wagner plays the ball.