The confirmation button of the PS5 is now universally defined on X after 26 years

Sony has announced a change in the PS5 entrance system that would have a cultural impact on how games are played in Japan.

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As revealed after the first practical sessions, reserved for Youtubers and a part of the Japanese press, PlayStation 5 will be the first console of his family to use the X button to confirm by default in all regions.

The confirmation button will be universally set to X on PS5, said a SIE. The games are played in many countries, so it is logical to prevent the parameters from the buttons between systems and games.

The Sony’s seizure scheme has always recognized the circular (O) button to confirm an action in Japan, differently from the rest of the world.

The circular sign is also used in Japan as a confirmation in real life, and the rumor wants that Playstation has decided on the schema according to that and the fact that the Nintendo’s SNES had positioned the A button at the far right (the Same reason why Nintendo the switch has the B button at the bottom of the joy-con, a position at which Western users need time to get used to it).

As shared by a Japanese Twitter user, this probably leads to the frustration of many actors in this territory, accustomed to the same control system for 26 years now.

It should be mentioned that the first previews of Japan indicate that games have not yet made the passage of x to o, and that it should not happen in the future. However, it has already been applied in the operating system of the PS5, as indicated in a Famitsu overview.

It is at least unexpected, however, that Dualsense being the first piece of Playstation 5 shown in the world, this news arrives so late and just a few weeks before its exit.

Anyway, Microsoft has not yet shared information about it, although it has already provided all kinds of details on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.