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For football nostalgics, it is a must: in the documentation Professionals – one year Football with Paul Breitner and Uli Hoeneß the two Bavaria are accompanied in the turbulent season 1978/79.

The first few minutes show a football world, which has long since gone down. When the players were not completely chamfered. I was looking forward to that you have lost, a somewhat elegant training skewer opposes Sepp Maier. And they were the one who left the gates.

Maier lets it go over. He only briefly replies that the strikers do not clean doors. But the Kiebitz chilpt continuously further: You are too old, Mr. Maier. In any case, I would have all the way to the World Cup.

First a drink go

The documentary remains mood. After a 7-1 victory in Gladbach – the Bayern players were strong in public criticism at this time, because they had trainer Gyula Lorant and President Wilhelm Neidecker, Breitner clarified the journalists that the team now a drink go. In the last season game against HSV, Breitner wired – secretly, none knew about it. You can see Breitner and Hoeneß in the double bed, upper body free, Hoeneß with flanging breast hair reading the star. Hoeneß recordings from his short range of guests at the 1st FC Nuremberg, from his unforgettable appearance in the current sports studio, where he took an arthroscopy device and presented the spectators. The HSV wanted to examine his burdened knee before changing with it, but Hoeneß refused.

Hoeneß ‘career tended to end because of an irreparable cartilage damage at 27 years. That he wanted to slip into a manager role instead, he did not make a secret.

He will certainly do something in management, that’s yes. But not with FC Bayern or Wasweißich.

Paul Breitner over Uli Hoeneß

Breitner was asked if his bedman will remain preserved the football world. No, Breitner said, I can seriously imagine that. And I can imagine much harder to see the Uli sometime as a manager at a football club. The field of activity is too small for Hoeneß, Breitner said. The Uli is largely able. It would certainly be a pity around him if he would squat somewhere in a club behind the desk. That would be nonsense.

And, wider, if he is honest, then he does not want that too. He will certainly do something in management, that’s yes. But not the FC Bayern or Wisichich, with any other club. That’s what I believe not.

As you know today, Breitner lay with this forecast quite nicely next to it. Hoeneß was built in 1979 manager of FC Bayern – and remained for over 30 years.

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