Lamentum by Lovecraft inspired pixels

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On August 27, 2021, Obscure Tales and Neon Doctrine published their Cthulhu Myth-inspired 2D survival horror game lamentum for PC. On Steam, where the previous user reviews are very positive, a Launch discount of ten percent is granted to the regular sales price until September 3 (14.39 euros instead of 15.99 euros). There is also a free demo available. On PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the stack run should be made on August 31st. Via Microsoft Store and eShop, the pixel horror financed by Kickstarter, financed two years ago, can be pre-ordered with ten percent discount.

In the game description it says: _ In Lamentum you will accompany Victor, a young aristocrats, which goes to a desperate journey to find healing for a rare disease. Our last hope is located in a dark villa, which is located in a dark villa is ruled, which can fulfill every wish, but …. at what price? The Villa Gray Hill will open your doors and put us in a world full of nightmares, in which we can be caught forever.

Lamentum is a pixel type Horror Survival game playing in the middle of the 19th century in Neuengland. To solve the dark secret, which hides in the depths of the Villa Gray Hill, you have to dive into a nightmare world of terrible creatures. Choose well whom you can trust, any decision you meet can change the course of history. Will you survive it?

Our references are video games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but we are also inspired by the Cthulhu myth, which we have adapted to our own vision. We want to make lamentum a dark game with adult theme, in which the player can enjoy a classic survival shorter. _

Last updated video: Launch trailer