When the body sense pay attention tester is not simple the company is afraid that the employee is playing too heavy and encourages more bath

For the pay attention team, Quality Assurance test is often exhausted, the tester will spend a few hours to keep staring at the screen, repeating the same level or fragment, pay attention to the possible bug or error.

The light is sitting and playing is very bittead, test Dance full ( just dance ), Dance Central (Rock Band) or Fitness Han Adventure This kind of physical pay attention, the process is bound to be more difficult, and there are industry people to say.

When accepting _ foreign media THE VERGE_ interview, Rock Orchestra Development Team Harmonix’s QA Test Caelyn Sandel recalls to lead her gaming team, will encourage pay attention testers more battles, to avoid playing pay attentions When I moved, I was too much sweat, so that the office appeared too heavy. This practice is really useful, but the office air conditioning situation will lead to the taste of the task to evacuate the employee, and go to the nearby bakery to avoid refuge.

In 2010, Microsoft is Xbox 360 to introduce the body of the body Kinect. This device successfully drives a wave of sports, but because of the beginning, many employees responsible for QA are suffering.

A tester named Kyle mentioned the Fitness pay attention EA SPORTS ACTIVE 2 Kinect version in the absence of the instruction manual, at all, the problem is not judged, in the end of the pay attention itself or the Kinect camera, even the team The engineer is also exploring Kinect at the time. During the test, other employees have to be carried out, avoiding the sensing results of the camera, and the tester must not wear dark clothes that will affect the inductive situation.

The surrounding environment of the camera is also mentioned that the air conditioning system also interferes with the inquiry. Since the Kinect camera is designed with an infrared thermal sensing, it is often inductively induced when it works below the air conditioner. Impressed must block the air conditioning air outlet and test at a higher temperature.

According to another contractor responsible for testing the EA pay attention, they have been required to test Kinect pay attentions in the environment of the low-light source in the event of a high-night night.

Since the user experience of Kinect itself is still full of uncertain, in order to ensure that the user’s movements can be detected in the low light source environment, the team suddenly uses a common seating partition and blankets in the office, and build similar Tools tools, easy to adjust into the amount, slowly testing Kinect in the case of multiple low light sources.

As for the first QA of the Dance Full of the Dance Full, the Dance Full of the Dance pay attention, said that this series is full of nostalgic feelings, and testers usually enjoy the process. Just the dance is full will have a series of new doors every year, often keep working overtime. It can only be said that the physical pay attention is very fun, but it is also busy with the person who is in advance.

Reference Original: KOTAKU