Konami launches Skelattack a Metroidvania with a torsion of role inversion

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Konami, publisher of several major video game franchises, including Castlevania, Dance Dance Revolution and Metal Gear, now focuses her attention on developers in Europe and on the American continent. The first stage of Konami in this direction is the output earlier this week of the 2D SkelAttack action platform game, developed by the Independent Californian studio Ukuza, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam).

As a game of Metroidvania, Skelattack offers a gameplay already familiar to many players. The premises of the adventure, however, are rather unusual: for once, humans are the antagonists, who have invaded the underground world of Aftervale and stole the blue flame. which keeps the dead living alive. Playing the enchanted skeleton Skelly and his adorable Bat Imber friend, the players will have to jump, cut and beat through different fields of hell to save the blue flame of the claws of humans.

The game, with his charming and hand drawn artistic style and original setting, reminds the Hollow Knight of Team Cherry, although on a brighter and lighter background. Discover some gameplay clips in the launch trailer of the PS4 below:

By creating human antagonists, which are like exaggerated parodies of classical RPG adventurers, Ukuza said they were inspired by movies such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The same sense of absurd humor is reflected – for example – in a humorous confrontation between Skelly and a bard and warrior duo. The bard sings his heroism and that of his companion and how they are about to overcome their dead-living enemy, while Skelly looks at the arms crossed, totally impressed.

Yeah. This last part was pretty weak, my friend, he grues, in the bard scandal.

Whether you are interested in how Skelly’s trip takes place and Imber, or simply a speaker looking for the next platform challenge, Skelattack should be worth a glance.

Source: InformedPixel.com, PlayStation.blog